Los Rodriguez

Los Rodriguez – Javier and Leslie. That’s almost all you need to know for now.

I’m gonna try to keep our story short, mainly because we will be sharing details of our lives in future posts and because we love to answer questions. This is pretty much the nature of things:

Voy a intentar mantener la historia corta, principalment porque vamos a revelar mas detalles de nuestra vida en entradas futuras y porque queremos que nos hagan preguntas. Esto es un resumen de nuestra historia:

Leslie and I met during our senior year in college while attending Belmont University and got married almost two years after we started dating. Unlike many couples, we had 2 weddings: a summer wedding in Santiago, Chile and a winter wedding in Nashville, TN (which, for the geographically challenged, does not mean a wedding in June and December – they were within a week from each other, which was awesome but also a little hectic!).

Con Leslie nos conocimos durante el ultimo ano de universidad cuando ibamos a Belmont University y nos casamos casi dos anos despues. A diferencia de muchas parejas, tuvimos 2 matrimonios: uno en el verano de Santiago y otro en el invierno de Nashville. (una pequena clase de geografia, cuando en el hemisferio sur es verano, es invierno en el hemisferio norte)

At the beginning of 2011 we got our first dog, Chupete, shortly after we were able to buy a home, and right after that we got our second dog Choripan! This blog is a way for both of us to keep our families and friends updated on what is going on in our lives and perhaps a source of entertainment for anyone who stumbles on our blog. We think our lives are pretty interesting and we keep ourselves pretty occupied with various adventures, so at the very least this is a way of documenting for ourselves some of the crazy things we do.

A principios del 2011 adoptamos nuestro primer perro, Chupete, poco tiempo despues pudimos comprar una casa, and casi inmediatamente despues adoptamos otro cachorro, Choripan! Este blog es una forma de mantener a nuras familias y amigos al tanto de lo que pasa con nuestras vidas y quizas una lectura entretenida para aquellos que pasen por el blog. Pensamos que tenemos una vida interesante y nos mantenes ocupados con diferentes aventuras, asi que por lo menos nos servira para documentar las locuras que hacemos de vez en cuando.

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