Our StoryCorps Experience

Almost 8 years ago, young Leslie and young Javi were walking around the Nashville Farmer’s market when we saw a renovated air stream in the parking lot with a big StoryCorps banner. We have always been big fans of NPR so we stopped by the air stream and learned that StoryCorps was posting up in Nashville for a couple of weeks to record stories from anyone who wanted to participate. We immediately wanted to do it. The stories were going to be archived in the Library of Congress, and we wanted to immortalize our experience. There was so much we wanted to talk about, but we decided to have a conversation about our multiple weddings and the experience of the interaction between our two families who do not speak the same language (spoiler alert – we translate a TON!). 

Hace casi 8 anos, una joven Leslie y un joven Javi caminaban por la feria de Nashville cuando vieron una AirStream renovada en el estacionamiento que tenia un banner de StoryCorps. Siempre hemos sido fanaticos de NPR asi que pasamos a ver que pasaba y descubrimos que StoryCorps estaba en Nashville por un par de semanas para grabar historias de queines quisieran participar. De inmediato quisimos hacerlo. Las historias son archivadas en la Biblioteca del Congreso, y queriamos inmortalizar nuestra experiencia. Habia mucho que hablar, pero decidimos conversar sobre nuestra multiple bodas y la experiencia de juntar a nuestras familia y como interactuaron ya que no hablan el mismo idioma (como se imaginan – traducimos un MONTON!)

Most people don’t know this about us, but we had a small wedding ceremony just a few days after we got engaged in June 2009, which helped us jump start the process of getting a travel visa so that we could have a big wedding in Chile in December. We wanted to have a wedding with both of our families involved, and since it was impossible for everybody to be either in Chile or the United States, we knew we’d have to have a wedding in each country. We wound up with a winter wedding in Nashville and a summer wedding in Santiago! If you are interested in listening to the story and hearing about what we went through at the time, you can hear our story by clicking here. Of course listening back there are so many things we wish we could add and say, but that’s how live recordings go I guess! Maybe someday we’ll start our own podcast…would you listen? What would you want to hear about?

Mucha gente no sabe esto pero nos casamos en una pequena ceremonia solo un par de dias despues de comprometernos en Junio del 2009, lo que nos ayudo a iniciar el proceso de obtener una visa de viaje para poder ir a Chile y tener una boda alla en Diciembre. Queriamos tener una boda con toda nuestra familia, pero es imposible que todos viajen o a Chile o a los Estados Unidos, asi que tuvimos que organizar bodas en ambos paises. Terminamos teniendo una boda de invierno en Nashville y una de verano en Santiago! Si les intersa escuchar la historia sobre que vivimos durante ese tiempo, pueden escucharla hacienda click AQUI. Claro que escuchando la historia de Nuevo, hay muchas cosas que quisieramos agregar y decir, pero asi es como funcionan las grabaciones en vivo! Tal vez un dia tendremos nuestro propio podcast…les interesaria esa idea? Que les gustaria escuchar, que temas?

never-before-seen footage of our first wedding in June 2009

StoryCorps records stories from regular people all over the country. There is so much to learn from other people’s experiences. We love to listen to these NPR recordings and encourage you to do it as well. There is something very satisfying about listening to regular people, especially now when we are bombarded constantly with the stories of famous people or “influencers.” Tell us – have you ever participated in a StoryCorps recording?

StoryCorp graba historias de gente en todo el pais. Hay tanto que aprender de la experiencia de otras persona. Nos encanta escuchar estas grabaciones en NPR y les recomendamos hacerlo si tienen tiempo. Hay algo muy satisfactorio en escuchar historias de gente normal, especialmente ahora que somos bombardeados constantemente con historias de gente famosa o “influencers”. Que dicen – han participado en alguna grabacion de StoryCorps?

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