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A Song for Javier

Happy New Year!! Last year one of my resolutions was to write more music, and that didn’t really come to fruition until the latter half of the year when I wrote two little ditties for Penny…and then this anniversary song for Javier. Hopefully now that I have a little momentum I can carry on the writing into 2020 – it’s been fun to get back into it.

This is just a quick post to share a song that I wrote for Javier for our 10-year anniversary. My original plan was to play it for him live the morning of our anniversary, but I knew I’d never get through it without waterworks (I’d blame the pregnancy hormones, but…thinking back on 10 wild and happy years does make me tear up pretty easily) so I very quickly recorded the song and put it to a slideshow. I have never EVER used garage band before and I only had enough time to do two takes before Penelope woke up from her nap the day I recorded it, so the second take was the one that stuck. I’d love to re-record the song in my dad’s studio eventually…with a few lyric tweaks that I’ve made since this recording. I also might re-write whole parts of it to make it slightly less me-and-Javier and more relatable on a larger scale as a love song…but this is the original, 100% Leslie-and-Javier 10-year anniversary tune.

The last time I wrote a song for Javier was 11 years ago when I was in Brazil missing him like crazy after we’d only been dating 6 months or so. I don’t think I’ll let another 10 years pass before writing another…this was too much fun. Also, how funny are some of those older photos?? The ones at the very beginning are actually the first photos of us ever taken! Crazy! Such babies…Anyway, enjoy the song!

(PS – I have no idea why the cover image I uploaded won’t show up in the video embed. If anyone has any insight, let me know!)

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