Goldie’s DIY Nursery Closet Renovation

Well, we are officially one week from Goldie’s due date! As I type this she’s still nice and comfy on the inside, but she could come at any time! After Javier’s family left back in November we got to work with the final nesting stages – sorting through Penelope’s old newborn-6 month clothing to see what would work for Goldie and preparing her nursery. Of course she won’t be sleeping in her nursery for a few months, so we have plenty of time to finish it. But we did need to do a little bit of cosmetic and structural work to the room to make it functional, and since that’ll definitely be easier without a newborn, we decided to finish up as much as we could.

38 Weeks Pregnant – Christmas Eve

Our house is a 3BR 2 bathroom, and for months we’ve been throwing around the endless possibilities of how to set Goldie up with a bedroom and maintain the ability to host guests. When Penny was born we gave her the smallest bedroom with the plan to move her to the bigger room when another kid arrived, but knowing her personality and how much change she’s already facing with her baby sister, we figured it’d be way, way too much change to put her in a brand new room just days before Goldie’s arrival. Penny loves her room and her crib, so she’ll stay there for awhile.

An old photo of Penny’s supercute room – she’s definitely not ready to leave it yet!

The other room that we’ve been using as a guest room is significantly larger, so we ran through a number of possibilities that involved either two twin beds and a crib, keeping the current queen guest bed and a crib, etc. All of the possibilities with multiple beds left very little space for a dresser / changing table for Goldie. Then we took a good look at the closet, and decided it was way more closet than any kid could possibly need. We figured if we removed the current wire shelving unit and doors, we’d have enough room to put a dresser / changing table inside and add new shelves that would provide plenty of storage for Goldie’s clothing and diapers.

When Javi replaced the floors upstairs he didn’t replace the pine in the closets, so the floors were still the old unfinished boards that we uncovered when we first lifted up the carpet back in 2017. So the steps we needed to take were to clean out the closet, remove the shelving, spackle / dry wall the holes in the wall, paint, replace the floors, add new shelves, and find a dresser / changing table that would fit the space. Quite a bit of work to finish in a short time!

Nesting at it’s worst – going through ALL THE CLOTHES and trying to organize space!

I cleaned out the closet and found this sweet dresser / changing table on the facebook marketplace. I’ve been using the marketplace quite a bit lately both for offloading stuff from our house and to find things for Goldie, like a practically-new Halo Bassinet. This dresser was marked down from $150 to $85, and it’s perfect for the space we have. It’ll last her for a long time – it’s solid wood and has such a sweet little painting on the front. I love it!

Meanwhile, Javi removed the organizing unit that was in the closet, which was bolted and anchored in place all over the back wall. He had to do quite a bit of drywall work to get the walls back in shape, and then he used the leftover paint from the cabinets downstairs to paint the inside of the closet. At this point we aren’t going for any kind of theme or design plan in Goldie’s room…we just want it to be functional! Especially since I still think it’ll eventually be Penelope’s “big girl room” and we’ll let her decide how to decorate it. For now, I love how the closet color turned out.

Javi then laid down the floors with leftover planks we have stored in the basement, and put the dresser into place. He added shelves that we actually salvaged from a white bookshelf we aren’t using anymore, and painted the braces the same color as the wall so they blend nicely. I was finally able to fold and organize all of Goldie’s clothing into her drawers, which was really starting to stress me out! I realized that even with all the storage we had with the drawers and shelves, I didn’t have anywhere to hang the few dresses and jackets I have for Goldie. Javi added a little bar of wood that stretches from the dresser to the side of the closet, which is exactly enough space I need for now for hanging her clothes. I’m assuming we’ll eventually need more hanging space but for now this is definitely enough.

The shelves offer plenty of space for Goldie’s blankets and, once she hits 3 months, we’ll fill them up with cloth diapers as well. By putting her dresser and changing table in the closet, it opened enough space to have her crib and a rocker right next to the closet, and the queen guest bed is now all the way against the back of the wall. We’ll be able to use it whenever someone comes to visit with minimal furniture rearranging, and eventually Penny can have that as her bed.

The walls in the room are totally bare and we need to add some fun, colorful curtains (in front of blackouts that we also use in Penny’s room – ESSENTIAL). But again, we still have time before we start using this room for Goldie beyond changing her diapers and clothes. We also don’t want to do too much to the room before Penny takes it over. So for now, the closet is the most finished space and it’s exactly what we needed! You can come any time now, baby Goldie!

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  1. What a beautifully finished closet space!! He is a wonder👍 New baby on the way, too! Enjoy your life, sweetie! Happy New Year to y’all!!

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