Bernheim Forest in the Fall

Javier’s mom and sister are in town from Chile for three whole weeks! We’ve been packing in all kinds of fall and Halloween fun these last few days, including Boo at the Zoo, a trip down Hillcrest Avenue (the most decorated street in Louisville), and a drive out to Bernheim Forest to see the beautiful leaves changing and visit the Forest Giants. We went to see the giants earlier this summer, but figured it would be a fun trip for the Rodriguez family and it was SUCH a beautiful day! Perfect weather for a walk outside.

Back when we visited Bernheim this summer, I had JUST discovered that I was pregnant. We went early in the morning before it got too hot, but by the time we started the walk back to the car the temperature was definitely creeping toward stifling. I remember telling Javi that we needed to make a trip back in the fall to see the leaves and it was absolutely worth the trip!

We recently put together Penny’s new wagon that my parents bought her for her birthday and she is OBSESSED with it. She has a hard time deciding if she’d rather sit inside it or pull it (ON HER OWN – she doesn’t want ANY HELP and made that very clear many many times). The 2-year-old indecision issues meant that the walk took an especially long time, but since the weather was perfect and the view was beautiful, we definitely didn’t mind the delay.

If you haven’t been to see the giants yet, now is the time to go! The weather is ideal, the leaves are strikingly colorful, the giants are just as impressive as ever. Let us know if you make the trip!

4 responses to “Bernheim Forest in the Fall”

  1. Such a beautiful day for your outing! The photos are lovely. Penny seems to like her wagon – for both riding and pulling!
    But not as much as when Javi throws her in the air….haha. Thanks for sharing!

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