Visiting the Bernheim Forest Giants

It’s a long weekend for Javi and it’s been a good while since we’ve been on an adventure outside of our 15-min driving radius, so we decided to take a trip to Bernheim Forest and check out the Forest Giants! We didn’t do much research before going…we heard it was best to visit before 11 or after 3 to avoid peak hours, so we decided to go in the morning when it was a little cooler (DEFINITELY a good choice!).

There isn’t an official cost, though they do recommend a $10 donation per car (they do take card at the entrance). I haven’t been to Bernheim forest since I was in 4th grade for a field trip, so it was basically a new experience for me and I LOVED it. Even without the giants, it was a gorgeous state park with clean, beautiful walking trails and scenery. We stopped by the welcome center (there’s a cafe, but we brought our own snacks) and got a map of the walking tour to see the three giants, then we were on our way!

There’s a big pond / lake right behind the welcome center with ducks, ducklings, and turtles…I can see how kids would be fine to spend all their time just hanging by the pond feeding the ducks and turtles (there’s a little food dispenser if you want to purchase some food). Just past the pond was the first “baby” giant bending over the water, enjoying his reflection.

A little farther on after passing through an open field (no shade for this short part, so again, I highly recommend going in the morning) we came across the pregnant “mama” giant! She was posted up in a little shady spot with some cool stuff around her, like a wood dragon skull and some ornate wood thrones.

A little past the mama we found Little Elina (she’s the only one whose name I can remember) in a field. The detail on the giants is amazing, and Elina had a few extra adornments including a few wildflowers behind her wooden ears.

The giants are supposed to be around for 3 years – they are here courtesy of the Danish artist Thomas Dambo, and were commissioned to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Bernheim Forest. The whole walking experience is around 2 miles, but it’s easy walking and always on a path. We took Penny’s stroller and didn’t have any trouble with access. There’s plenty of shade (but also plenty of sun!). I’d recommend a couple of water bottles, snacks, and sunscreen. I can see how the giants may seem a little scary, but none of the kids we saw were scared of them at all. It was an easy and fun little morning adventure, and Penny was WIPED OUT by the end of it. Exactly what we were looking for! We’ll definitely be back soon to check out the other walking paths and trails the forest has to offer – it was so beautiful and peaceful!

6 responses to “Visiting the Bernheim Forest Giants”

    • Do it! The kids will love it. We left the house at 9:15 and it was great – not too crowded. I’d try next week before school is totally out because once school is out I bet it’ll be a little more crowded even on weekdays.

  1. I heard/read that the area behind the momma is the babies “nursery”. After that it made sense what all of it was, giant baby toys.

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