Buena Buena Quick Update

I’ll follow this up with a more detailed post about all the fun goings-on in and around the shop, but I wanted to post a quick update about a few new listings and other fun items!

First off, I recently created a Facebook page for Buena Buena! I’ll be running promotions, announcing new listings, and hopefully doing some fun live stuff over there from my pop ups and flea market appearances. SO, if you’re interested in keeping up with new listings (which I’ll hopefully be posting a few times a week), sales, and other fun news, give the page a like HERE.

Also, if you have ever bought anything from me, please consider leaving me a review both on Etsy and on the Facebook page. I cannot stress enough how much these reviews help my business grow and reach new customers, and I would be so grateful for the help! Even simply selecting the star rating without leaving a comment would be fantastic. This goes for any local business you support…reviews go a long long way. THANK YOU!!

Ok, on to the fun new listings. I’m adding sweatshirts and jackets to the shop constantly to get ready for fall, especially before Penelope arrives! Here are a few of my favorites – and if you are a fan of any of these teams, or have friends who are fans, act quick! Vintage sports memorabilia gets snatched up fast in the early days of fall. I’m adding more this week (including a couple of UofL items) so I’ll post again soon. Enjoy!


  1. 1991 Indianapolis Colts Sweatshirt – L/XL
  2. 1950s Varsity Letterman Sweater – Wool – M
  3. 1950s Varsity Letterman Jacket – Track & Field Patch – M
  4. New Jersey Devils Sweatshirt – M
  5. Knit novelty UK cardigan – M
  6. 1990s Dallas Cowboys Apex One Jacket with Removable Hood – L
  7. 1991 Ohio State Crew Neck Sweatshirt (letters are plaid inside!) – S
  8. 1987 St. Louis Cardinals World Series National League Championship Sweatshirt – M



  1. 1980s Silk Floral REVERSIBLE Bomber Jacket – S/M
  2. 1980s purple leather cropped moto jacket – M/L
  3. 1990s Nickelodeon Windbreaker – S/M
  4. 1990s Red Color Block Windbreaker – L
  5. 1980s / 90s Floral Bomber Jacket (Tail Tennis) – S/M



  1. Vintage Cat Lady Mug
  2. Vintage Hair Stylist Mug



  1. 1980s Woven Leather Gold Park Avenue Purse
  2. Handmade Abstract Needlepoint Purse



  1. 1970s Sears Roebuck Co. Frog Mug, Creamer, Napkin Holder
  2. Hand Carved / Hand Painted images on wood (kids misbehaving)
  3. Vintage Mirror Music Box

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