Good Neighbors and Tasty Crepes

I just have to drop a line and brag on my neighborhood for a quick second. I *love* our new street. Living near good, friendly people makes a big difference for me when it comes to feeling like I live in a house vs. a home (shoutout to our Nashville neighbors Kari and Colin – we miss living next to you guys!). In the three short months we’ve been living in our new house, we’ve already been to a street-wide potluck hosted by our neighbor Becky who lives across from us, and we’ve met every single inhabitant of every house that’s visible from our front door. That potluck? We thought we’d just swing over for a little bit and we wound up the last to leave because we had so much fun meeting everyone. This past weekend we had our next-door neighbors Yoan and Sophie, both from France, over for brunch. They brought crepes to the potluck back in June, and we strongly hinted that we wanted to eat them again…so they brought the ingredients over to our house and taught us how to make them. Now we’re going to have to eat crepes all. the. time. (like…starting tonight).


The folks living on our street actually want to get to know us and make us feel welcome on the block, and I love that. It makes me feel so much more invested in the community, and it reassures me that this is going to be a great place to raise kids and live for a long time. We were out working on our landscaping this weekend and every one of our neighbors within three houses in every direction came over to chat with us at some point during the day. Becky has shared her garden harvest with us multiple times, and Mary across the street is going to give us some of her lilies and irises to plant this fall once she digs hers up and separates them. We have a couple of college students renting catty-corner from us who were thoughtful enough to make sure that parking in front of our house is okay when they have parties, and next to them are two roommates stationed at Fort Knox who offered us help with any heavy lifting / repairs and access to their woodworking tools any time. We completely lucked out with this house and the location, and the neighbors just make the move all the better. Oh..and the house next door to us just went up for sale…anyone want to join the community??

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