Vintage Brass Decor Obsession

I’m not sure if it’s one of those things where I love it so now I see it everywhere or maybe one person in Louisville just recently decided to sprinkle their vintage brass animal collection amongst the thrift stores all over the city, but my vintage brass collection has gone into hyperdrive over the last couple of weeks. Since I opened my shop last year I’ve always had my eyes peeled for unique vintage brass items, and I’ve found some gems. But over the last couple of weeks I’ve added a swan napkin holder, two hunting dog statues / bookends, one cat bookend, two brass ash trays / trinket dishes (as I use them), a brass fan wall hanging, and three brass horses to the shop.

Buena Buena Vintage Brass
Found these brass horse wall hangings…but I couldn’t bring myself to list them. These will go in Penelope’s nursery.
Also had to keep this one – I styled it for photos to list it and then fell in love with how it looked with mail. So now it holds my thank you cards that I send to people who order something $25 or over in my shop.

Brass has become quite popular in home design over the last couple of years; I see it on all of the designer instagram accounts and blogs. But usually those design influencers are featuring *new* brass from places like West Elm. I’m a sucker for the vintage brass – the quirky animals with a bit of patina that remind me of my grandmother and grandaddy’s house in Alabama. They had these amazing brass swan sink fixtures; the wings were the hot and cold handles and the neck / mouth formed the spout where the water came out. I LOVED those swans as a kid, and I’d install them in my house today if I could get my hands on them for cheap.

Similar to these without the crystal handles. By the way, these are *only* $948. hmmm.

Anyway, I’m glad the etsy-world shares my enthusiasm because these items leave my shop quickly. The only ones I’ve been hanging onto for awhile are my giant brass swans, but they get quite a bit of attention and I don’t expect them to hang around forever. The best part is that until these items sell, I get to enjoy them as they decorate my home. Have you added any brass decor to your home recently? If you’re looking for something unique, you know where to go!

Brass Cat Bookend Buena Buena Vintage
Single Brass Cat Bookend – $16
Brass Fan Buena Buena Vintage on Etsy
Brass Fan Wall Hanging – $25
Brass Swan Napkin Holder
Brass Swan Napkin Holder – $25
Brass Dog Statues Buena Buena Vintage
Brass Hunting Dog Statues / Bookends – $30
Vintage Brass Ash Trays Buena Buena Vintage
Vintage Brass Ashtrays / trinket dishes – $25
Etsy 4 (6)
Set of 3 Brass Horses – $30
Large Brass Swans – $75

2 responses to “Vintage Brass Decor Obsession”

  1. Direct Auction Galleries in Chicago will be having an Auction in August 14, 2021 that will include over 100 brass’s animals of All sizes from 1 inch to 4 feet tall. Spread the word
    It’s the Brass Zoo Auction , part of their regular auction in that date

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