We are growing fruit too!!

Most times we are outside, we look at our fence and think….there must be something we can do about this fence. We thought about painting it, but that would take A LOT of paint and money (and effort…). We also thought about growing a vine that could cover the fence over time, and we really like that idea. A big portion of the fence faces south and gets a great deal of sun, so we thought it would be nice to take advantage of that sunshine and grow something that would provide a pretty visual and a tasty treat: raspberries and grapes. La mayoría de las veces que estamos afuera y vemos nuestro cerco de madera pensamos…tiene que haber algo que podemos hacer con la reja. Pensamos en pintarla, pero eso tomaría MUCHA pintura y plata (y esfuerzo…) También pensamos en hacer crecer una enredadera que con el tiempo cubriría la madera, y esa idea nos gusto. Gran parte de la reja mira hacia el sur y le llega mucho sol, así que pensamos que seria bueno aprovechar la luz solar y hacer crecer algo que nos de un panorama lindo y también deliciosa comida: frambuesas y uvas.


For the raspberries I made a small bed that would host the canes and keep the weeds (and dogs) away. The set up was pretty simple, take the weeds out, make the frame, fill out with good soil and good to go. Something to note on this set up is that I covered the part of the fence that will be in contact with the soil with plastic. I dont want the chemicals from the wood to leak into the soil and I also want to avoid premature rotting of the wood. Para las frambuesas hice una jardinares que hospedara las canas y mantendrá las malezas (y perros) a raya. Hacerla fue simple, sacar las malezas, poner el marco de madera, llenar el espacio con tierra de hoja, y listo. Algo importante que mencionar es que cubrí la parte de la reja que estará en contacto con la tierra con plástico. No quiero que los químicos de la madera tratada se vayan a la tierra o que las madera se pudran prematuramente.


For the grapes I am going to plant 4 vines. These vines have to be trained to yield good amounts of fruit and to cover the fence in the directions we want. I installed cable rope using eye bolts in our fence posts (I found a ton of videos on youtube on how to do this and what hardware to use), so each vine has cable to grow horizontally and provide support. One cable is at 3 feet and the other at about 5 1/2 feet. Para las uvas, voy a plantar 4 plantas. Estas plantas tienen que ser entrenadas para que den mucha fruta y para que cubran le cerco en la dirección que queremos. Instale cable usando ganchos en nuestros postes (encontré un montón de videos en youtube que muestran como hacerlo y que materiales usar), así que cada planta tendrá cable para crecer horizontalmente y dar soporte. Un cable esta a 3 pies del suelo y el otro a 5 1/2 pies.


Of course these plants are going to take a couple of years to mature and look the way we imagine they will look, but in the mean time we will have fun taking care of them. It is going to be nice to have fruit to complement our veggie garden. Hopefully, the birds and squirrels wont be interested in eating our fruit. For that we have a secret weapon…Chupi!! Claro estas plantas van a demorar un par de anos en madurar y verse de la manera que queremos, pero por mientras lo pasaremos bien cuidandolas y entrenandolas. Va a ser rico tener fruta que complemente la huerta de vegetales. Ojalá los pájaros y las ardillas no se interesen en comer nuestra fruta. Para eso tenemos el arma secreta….Chupete!!


8 responses to “We are growing fruit too!!”

  1. Love it! I have raspberries. Tried graps, but not with a lot of luck. I might try them again. Have you thought about a climbing kiwi? Or clematis? BTW – I love your fence. It’s awesome.

    • The idea of a Kiwi is great. With time we are planning on continue covering our fence, so maybe in the future we will host a little kiwi. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Loved this blog! Hope you follow me too. I write about different things, but gardening is also my passion. Y claro que tambien hablo Español! I too have been growing grapes for the past three years. I will have to share pictures when they appear this year! Good luck.

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