Snakes or mice?…what do you think we prefer?

The backyard of Los Rodriguez mansion has many inhabitants. We know that Chupi and Chori always fight for the throne, but there are also many other creatures just trying to make a living out there. El patio de la Mansion Rodriguez tiene mucho habitantes. Sabemos que Chupi y Chori siempre pelean por el trono, pero tambien hay otras criaturas intentando ganarse el pan de cada dia.


Chupi tends to keep the squirrels and birds away, along with the occasional mouse that, if not fast enough, he uses as a chew toy until he kindly gives it to us as a gift. Now that the weather is warming up, the summer visitors are popping out from their underground shelter. Garter snakes or more commonly known as “garden snakes” live around the area and Chupi is normally the first to welcome them with his very friendly, non-stop barking. He doesn’t hurt them and the snakes just stand still until I can get my hands on them. Chupi se preocupa de mantener alejadas a las ardillas y los pajaron, junto con el raton que aparece de vez en cuando y, que si no es lo suficientemente rapido, es usado como juguete hasta que gentilmente es regalado a nosotros como gesto de amor. Ahora que el tiempo se pone mas caliente, los visitantes veraniegos aparecen de sus refugios bajo tierra. Culebras Garter o mas conocidas como culebras de jardin, viven en esta area y Chupi es el que siempre las encuentra y les da la bienvenida con sus ladridos amistosos que nunca paran. El no les hace dano y las culebras se quedan quietas hasta que llego yo y las puedo tomar.


These snakes are awesome! They are very mild tempered, they don’t mind getting handled, and their method of defense is to poop and pee so they stink so bad that you let them go, so really not a harmful species. I like seeing these guys around…why? Because I’d rather see garden snakes than mice. The snakes are very useful for my garden; they not only eat mice, but they also eat bugs such as snails and slugs that eat my plants. They are carnivores so they won’t eat my veggies and that is always cool with me. We don’t have very many, which is good, and this past week this little guy came to check out what I have growing in the garden! Esta culebras son geniales! Son muy tranquilas, no les importa que las tome, y su metodo de defensa es usar su orina y feces y crear un mal olor para que las dejes ir, asi que no son daninas. Me gusta verlas en mi jardin…porque? Porque prefiero ver culebras que ratones. Las culebras son muy utiles en la huerta; no solo comen ratones, tambien comen bichos como coracoles y babosas que se comen mis plantas. Son carnivoras asi que no se comen mis vegetales y eso me agrada. No tenemos muchas, lo que es bueno, y la semana pasada este amiguito vino a echar un ojo a lo que tengo creciendo en la huerta!

DSC_9540 DSC_9537 DSC_9533

11 responses to “Snakes or mice?…what do you think we prefer?”

  1. The snakes have always been a welcome part of our yard and garden. Hearing that they devour the dreaded garden slugs makes them especially welcome.
    We just need to remember to give them plenty of places of warm sanctuary.

  2. I prefer the snakes…they eat some nasty bugs and when they get bigger they can eat baby mice too! :0)

  3. Garter snakes are cool. We have some in our yard and our Bode finds them, but doesn’t hurt them…

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