No more cleanup!

We finished the landscaping cleanup!! I cannot believe how good it looks. We could leave it like this forever with nice clean patches of dark soil and never plant anything and it would be an enormous improvement to what it was. We had a jungle growing off the front and sides of our house, and after 2 months of digging, clearing sod and uprooting old roots we finally have some great patches of nice soil where the plants are going to go come April. Terminamos de limpiar el jardin!! No puedo creer lo bien que se ve. Lo podriamos dejar asi tal cual para siempre, con jardineras limpias, con tierra oscura y aun asi se veria mucho mejor que lo que teniamos. Teniamos una selva creciendo al frente y los lados de la casa, y despues de 2 meses escavando, sacando pasto y raices, por fin tenemos jardineras limpias y listas para recibir plantas en Abril.


before on the left, after on the right

It’s snowing outside as I write but last weekend it was delightful – we had 65 degree weather and sun for the last stretch of cleanup. All we had left was the side of the house and to remove the cardboard from the front to add some of that good soil we ordered a couple weeks ago. We spent about 4 hours finishing up with the side of the house and then we went brought about 8 wheelbarrows full of quality soil to the front to spread around the clean beds. Esta nevando mientras escribo, pero el fin de semana pasado el tiempo estuvo espectacular – 20 grados y soleado mientras terminabamos de limpiar. Todo lo que nos quedaba era limpiar el lado norte de la casa y sacar el carton que cubria lo que ya habiamos limpiado para poder poner la tierra de hoja que habiamos compadro. Pasamos 4 horas terminando el trabajo y tomo mas o menos 8 carretillas para mover la tierra de hoja a los lugares correspondientes.

20130302-115430.jpg 20130302-115419.jpg 20130302-115402.jpg 20130302-115350.jpg 20130302-115336.jpg

When it was all said and done, all that was left was to stand back and admire the beauty! No more weeds growing up on the house, just nice curvy beds surrounding it. It really looks amazing and I can’t believe we did it by ourselves! We were going to pay someone else to do our landscaping for us but by doing it ourselves we saved money, we were able to invest in some great gardening tools and we get the deep satisfaction of knowing we did this all ourselves. That, my friends, is worth quite a bit. We are so excited about the result – and we can’t wait to get the plants in their new homes!! Just a few more weeks before they start arriving! Cuando todo estaba dicho y hecho, lo unico que quedaba era admirar la belleza! No mas malezas creciendo junto a la casa, solo lindas jardineras rodeando el perimetro. En verdad se ve genial y no puedo creer que lo hicimos nosotros solos! Ibamos a pagarle a alguien por hacer el trabajo pero haciendolo nosotros no ahorramos plata, pudimos comprar herramientas, y tenemos la satisfaccion de decir que fue nuestro trabajo. Eso amigos mios no tiene precio. Estamos muy emocionados con el resultado – y no podemos esperar a que las plantas llegue!! Solo un par de semanas mas!


remember what it looked like before?! Nightmare!

11 responses to “No more cleanup!”

  1. Your new beds are beautiful!! I love how they curve so gracefully around, embracing your house. Once the plants come up in the spring, it will look amazing. Talk about curb appeal!!

  2. You’ve done a fantastic job! Looks great. I am so jealous of your weather – we still have a ton of snow (it is Canada, afterall). Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Thank you! I grew up in the Chilean Patagonia so I can relate to those long snowy winters. They teach you patience….and build up your cold tolerance hahaha.

  3. Looks Awesome! I’m in the same boat as basildonkitchens – only in Vermont. We won’t transplant until mid May and no tender vegetables until first part of June. Totally envious of those beautiful beds. Enjoy! Worth the hard work – well done!

    • Thank you! We learned that rushing to plant is one of the worst mistakes you can make. The cold frames help to experiment, but its true that our winter is nothing compared with the winter up north. We can’t complain.

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