All this gardening preparation has been done in order to host our garden “super stars”….the SEEDS!! We are starting almost everything from seed this year which is a big challenge for us, and thus the hard work preparing everything to the best of our abilities. Toda esta preparación que hemos hecho ha sido para acomodar a nuestras “super estrellas”…las semillas! Vamos a comenzar casi todos nuestros vegetales de semilla este ano, lo que es un desafío grande para nosotros, y por eso hemos trabajado duro para preparar todo lo mejor que pudimos.


We will be growing the following from seed: radishes, spinach, lettuce, carrots, beets, nasturtiums, marigolds, green beans, corn, zucchini squash, and cucumbers; plus we are also doing sweet potatoes from bare roots. Since we don’t really have a space to grow seeds indoors, we are buying tomato and strawberry plants and we are moving our pepper plants outside once the weather warms up. Vamos a sembrar lo siguiente: rábanos, espinaca, lechuga, zanahorias, beterraga, nasturtiums, marigolds, poroto verde, choclo, zapallo italiano, y pepinos; también vamos a plantar camotes. Como no tenemos espacio para comenzar semillas en el interior, vamos a comprar plantas de tomates y frutillas y pondremos afuera todas las plantas de pimientos que tenemos dentro de la casa una vez que el tiempo se ponga mas templado.


Also, in Leslie’s flower bed, we are growing annual and perennial flowers that we hope will give us an idea of what we can add to our landscape. She is growing tritoma, lupine, cosmos, alyssum, zinnia, four o’clocks and sunflowers. Leslie también ha creado una jardinera solo para flores, vamos a plantar algunas anuales y otras que vuelven cada temporada con el fin de ver cuales se podrían ver bien en nuestro diseño en el jardín del frente. Va a plantar tritoma, lupine, cosmos, alyssum, zinnia, four o’clocks y girasoles.


Since this is a season of firsts, we are also experimenting a little. We sowed seeds in the cold frames a few weeks earlier than recommended. The idea is to see if we can maintain a small harvest during the cold months and extend our gardening season. We are also using plastic bottles to protect seeds (from weather and animals) and to provide mini green houses for them. We saw this idea online and thought it was pretty clever and easy to do. Just cut the bottom of the bottles, clean them up, and put them on top of the seeds (thanks to Leslie’s mom for rescuing the plastic bottle recycling for us from her gym!). Como esta es una temporada de primera vez, también experimentaremos un poquito. Pusimos semillas en los mini invernaderos unas cuantas semanas antes de lo recomendado. La idea es ver si podemos mantener una cosecha pequeña durante los meses de frio y así extender la temporada. También usamos botellas plásticas para proteger las semillas (del tiempo y los pájaros) y ofrecerles un mini invernadero. Vimos la idea en internet y nos pareció inteligente y fácil de hacer. Solo se cortan los fondos de la botella plástica, se lavan, y se ponen sobre las semillas (gracias a la mama de Leslie por rescatar cientos de botellas del reciclaje de su gimnasio!)

DSC_5707 losrodriguezlife bottles

All this is just to see what works best…if it works at all. After our trial runs are over (by the time the weather is good to sow seed without cover) we will follow the seed packet’s instruction. We just want to try new things and learn by doing and by making mistakes if we must. Todo esto es para ver que funciona mejor…si es que funciona. Después de estos experimentos (cuando el tiempo este bueno y podemos sembrar sin protección) vamos a seguir las instrucciones de los paquetes. Solo queremos probar cosas nuevas y aprender cometiendo errores si es necesario.


In the meantime, the radishes, lettuce, spinach and carrots have started to sprout…which is great news! The cold frames must be workin! And we are hoping the rest of the seeds will begin popping out soon. We are getting hungry for veggies so they better hurry up! Por mientras, los rábanos, lechugas, espinacas, y zanahorias han comenzado a brotar….lo que es muy Buena noticia! Los mini invernaderos están funcionando! Esperamos que el resto de las semillas comiencen a brotar también. Tenemos ganas de comer vegetales frescos, así que se apuren!!


26 responses to “SEEDS!!!!!!”

  1. Lucky you! My poor seeds are still tucked away in their packets….there is a foot of snow covering the garden! Will soon be time to attempt to start a few seedlings in the house…but not too early as the risk of them not making it to the garden is still too high! Looks like you have it all sorted – lots of happy veggies all season!

    • Oh wow! Yeah, here the winter has been very mild. We haven’t sow anything in the bed that are not protected. The cold frames help a lot, and since this is just a trial run any growth is just a big gift. I hope the weather lets you start some veggies soon! Good luck with the seedlings

  2. I enjoyed this post very much — and the photos, too, which are beautiful. You are going to have such a beautiful garden and “vegetable patch”. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so that I can see pictures of everything sprouting and blooming. Come on, Spring! 🙂

  3. That’s so much fun, Javi — AND a marvelous combination of human endeavor and joining God in creation! Good for you….

  4. wow, eres una super estrella. Your garden is so more advanced than mine at this point. My seeds are still in the packets. We are experiencing a mild winter here but we have elevation to consider also. . I noticed in your journal your are recording the date and temperature. Is that the ambient temp or the soil temp? I also like the idea of the mini greenhouses from the bottles. We have plenty in our recycle bin so I may get some seeds started this next week. Tienen una gran semana

  5. I’m excited to install cold frames this fall for an early start next spring and a later harvest this fall!

    Your garden is beautiful. Congrats! I hope everything works out exactly as you plan it.

  6. I’m excited to install cold frames this fall for an early start next spring and a later harvest this fall!

    Your garden is beautiful. Congrats! I hope everything works out exactly as you plan it.

    • The cold frames are fun to make and let you have some gardening to do in the “off” season. Thank you and best luck to you with the frames!

  7. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours looks good, always interesting to see life in other parts of the world. I like this post – I garden in the same ‘square foot’ way, it works really well for me.

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