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Fencing the garden

I don’t know about you but somewhere along the way we failed to teach our dogs to garden. I am sure they would be great at digging holes for planting, but I doubt they would dig exactly where I need them to. So in order to avoid any problems with the raised beds in the back, I put up a fence around them to keep the doggos away from them. Chupi and Chori will help me keep the squirrels and birds away – they are the best at that! No sé ustedes pero en algún momento nosotros fallamos en ensenarles a nuestros perros a ayudar en el jardín. Estoy seguro que serían geniales haciendo hoyos para plantar, pero dudo que escarben exactamente donde lo necesitamos. Así que para evitar cualquier problema con las jardineras, puse una reja alrededor de la huerta para mantenerlos alejados. Chupi y Chori me ayudaran a mantener a los pájaros y las ardillas alejados – son muy buenos para eso!
20130206-131701.jpg DSC_5287
Last year I used temporary poles and chicken wire for fencing and it worked really well but it looked sloppy. I learned a lesson: a nice looking area provides motivation to work in it and keep it looking nice. This year I decided to install wood posts using old scrap wood I got from our friends Lauren and Matt and “recycle” the chicken wire from last year. El año pasado use postes temporales y enrejado de alambre que funciono bien pero se veía desordenado. Aprendí una lección: un área de trabajo ordenada te motiva a trabajar ahí y mantenerla ordenada. Este ano decidí instalar postes de madera usando pedazos extra que me regalaron Lauren y Matt y reciclé parte del enrejado de alambre del año pasado.
Since we are expanding the garden from 2 working garden beds to 4 ½ beds the fenced area got a lot bigger. I didn’t want to set the posts with cement since I don’t know if they will stay there for a long time or only for this season. I dug the holes (about a foot deep) and after placing the posts I simply filled them back up with dirt and compacted it as much as I could. I think they are solid enough for the season and will get the job done – we had a huge storm this week and they held up, so that’s good news. I did, however, set two post with a little bit of cement – the two that hold the “gate”. I figured those will get more abuse from opening and closing so a bit of cement will make them sturdier. Como vamos a expandir la huerta de 2 jardineras a 4 y media, el área de enrejado es mucho más grande. No quise poner los postes en cemento ya que no se si seguirán ahí para siempre o solo por una temporada. Hice los hoyos más o menos 45 centímetros de profundidad y luego puse los palos para llenar el hoyo con la misma tierra y compactarlo lo más que pude. Creo que están lo suficientemente firmes para la temporada y cumplirán la tarea – hubo una tormenta muy fuerte la semana pasada y sin se movieron, así que esas sin buenas noticias. Lo que si hice, fue poner en cemento los 2 postes en el área de la puerta. Ya que esos van a tener que resistir más movimiento y el cemento los mantendrá firmes.
DSC_5252 20130206-131721.jpg
The garden looks much better now and this time I will have space for a wheelbarrow to move between the beds. We are planning on seeding so many veggies! Hopefully this year our garden will provide better yields than last season – and this year we’re doing a bed of cutting flowers, so we’re looking forward to the color that will bring to the backyard! El jardín se ve mucho mejor ahora y esta vez tengo espacio para mis herramientas y para moverme entre las jardineras. Tenemos planeado plantar muchos vegetales! Esperamos que resulte mejor que el año pasado! Y este ano estamos haciendo una jardinera para flores, así que esperamos tener muchos colores en el patio!

5 thoughts on “Fencing the garden Leave a comment

  1. The fence looks fantastic, and it’s such a great idea to keep it versatile, so that you’re able to keep it up if you want, or take it down once the growing season is over.

    I’m jealous of your wonderfully huge back yard! Your dogs must love running and playing out there. 🙂

    • Thanks! They sure love chasing each other and run around. We love the big back yard. There are so many projects we would like to do back there. For now, the space is definetly something we all enjoy.

  2. Love it! As soon as the ground thaws, I’m going to put fence in and raised beds as well. My soulmate once had a dog that he trained to dig on command. Sadly that dog is no longer around. Good job!

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