Prepping the new garden beds

Our vegetable garden is expanding this year. Last year I built 3 beds but only wound up using 2. This year we are using all 3 from last year and adding 1 ½ more. The big beds are 4 x 8 feet and the half is 4 x 4, and all of them are about 8 to 10 inches deep. Nuestra huerta sera mas grande este ano. El ano pasado construí 3 jardineras pero solo termine usando 2. Este ano vamos a usar las 3 del ano pasado y agregaremos 1 y media mas. Las jardineras grandes con de 4 x 8 pies y la “mitad” es 4 x 4, y todas ellas tienen entre 8 y 10 pulgadas de profundidad


above – the two beds we used last year and the third one without any plants

below – hauling the wood for the new beds back home in our little yaris…who needs a truck!?

Since the beds are on top of the grass, we need to make sure to “kill” the grass and prevent the weeds from growing in my nice vegetable soil. To do so, I placed the beds in their permanent place and mowed the grass as close to the soil as possible using a weed whacker. With the grass cut short, Leslie and I covered the surface with a couple of layers of newspaper to work as a weed barrier (or landscaping fabric). On top of the newspaper we added a layer of leaves (saved from the fall in anticipation of the spring!) and on top of the leaves we threw a layer of compost and manure. The beds will be sitting like that for a while until it’s time to plant so we are hoping some of the leaves will begin to decompose and the grass underneath will decompose as well. Dado que las jardineras están sobre el pasto, necesitamos asegurarnos de “matar” el pasto y prevenir que las malezas crezcan en nuestra tierra fértil y bien preparada. Para hacer eso, puse las jardineras en su lugar permanente y corte el pasto lo mas corto posible usando la orilladora. Con el pasto corto, Leslie y yo cubrimos la superficie con un par de capaz de papel de diario como barrera contra la maleza. Sobre el papel de diario, pusimos una capa de hojas (que habíamos guardado en el otoño) y sobre las hojas pusimos una capa de fertilizante (abono y composta) Las jardineras quedaran así por un tiempo hasta que agreguemos la tierra y plantemos plantas, así que esperamos que las hojas se descompongan y que el pasto abajo también.

20130201-110747.jpg 20130201-110836.jpg 20130201-110821.jpg

We did not want to use a rototiller because rototilling only spreads weed seeds everywhere and kills earthworms that are so good and important for soil. Once planting time arrives, we will order a load of planting soil in bulk and cover the beds with it. The newspaper and leaves mixed with the manure will make the lower part of the bed richer in organic material and hopefully will attract some worms to our garden. The cold weather crops will be the first to be sown, so we are excited to begin the season sometime soon! No quisimos usar el arador automatico, porque al arar se desparraman semillas de malezas por todos lados y mata a los gusanos que son tan buenos e importantes para la tierra. Una vez que llegue el tiempo de plantar, vamos a comprar una camionada de tierra para plantado para cubrir las jardineras. El papel de diario y las hojas mezcladas con el abono haran que la parte del fondo de la jardinera sea rica en material organico y ojalá atraiga gusanos a la huerta. Las plantas de temporada fria serán las primeras en ser sembradas, estamos con muchas ganas de empezar a jardinera pronto!!


all five beds under a dusting of snow this morning!

5 responses to “Prepping the new garden beds”

    • It makes the work easier without a doubt, and I am sure it is a necessary tool in some cases. We just want to keep it as organic as possible and also reduce the carbon footprint.

  1. They look great. My veg plot is tiny by comparison and, after a year of messed up weather starting with drought in the spring then non stop rain and then snow and frost, nothing has done very well this year. Here’s to 2013 in the garden for both of us!

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