“Home Made” Pizza

We love going grocery shopping at Trader Joes. We dont live close to it (we wish there was more than 1 in Nashville) but we still take our weekly trip to the store. One of the reasons we like shopping there is that from time to time they surprise us with an idea for a good, easy, inexpensive meal. This time the featured item was pizza and the cool part was that they had the uncooked pizza dough, in individual bags, and several other ingredients such as pepperoni, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, veggies, etc.. We immediately LOVED the idea of making our own pizza at home! Nos encanta ir a comprar nuestra comida a Trader Joes. No vivimos cerca (seria genial que hubiese mas de 1 en Nashville) pero aun hacemos el viaje semanal a la tienda. Una de las razones por las que nos gustan comprar alli es que de vez en cuando nos sorprenden con una buena idea para preparar un plato rico, facil, y barato. Esta vez, el producto presentado era pizza, y lo genial es que era masa sin cocer aun, en bolsas individuales, y otros ingredientes como pepperoni, salsa de tomate, queso mozzarella, vegetales, etc…De inmediato nos ENCANTO la idea de hacer nuestra propia pizza en casa!

So we took a couple of bags of whole wheat pizza dough, pepperoni, mozzarella, and pepper, and we turned our home into Los Rodriguez Trattoria! We are sure there is no need to tell you how to make a pizza, what we can tell you is that besides the ingredietns previously mentioned, we also added some of our home grown hot peppers to give it a little kick. Asi que compramos un par de bolsas de masa de pizza integral, pepperoni, mozzarella, y pimiento, y convertimos nuestra casa en la Trattoria Rodriguez! Estamos seguros que no es necesario decirles como hacer un pizza, lo que si les podemos decir es que aparte de los ingredientes mencionados, tambien agregamos ajies de los que hemos cosechado en casa para darle un toque a la pizza.

The pizza was super tasty, and since it was our first time making one, we learned a couple of things. La pizza quedo sabrosa, y como era nuestra primera vez haciendo una, aprendimos un par de cosas.

1) We didn’t need two bags of dough.The crust ended up too thick for our taste (but there might be people who like that). We like thin crust.
2)Hot peppers must be spread out and finely chopped.
Leslie ate a chunk to try the pepper and it choked her a little. Spicy is good but not in whole chunks.
3) You can customize your pizza!
Whenever Leslie and I go out for pizza, we usually ask for half of the pizza without cheese for Leslie, which is about as customized as it gets in a restaurant. At home, though, we could put a little bit of cheese on her side and fewer pepperonis, and it was perfect! I can’t imagine asking a restaurant to “just put a little bit of cheese and less meat” on one side. At home, we can be as picky as we want.
1) No necesitabamos 2 bolsas de masa. La masa nos quedo gruesa, por lo menos para nuestro gusto (aunque hay gente que les gusta eso). A nosotros nos gusta la masa fina.
2) El aji tiene que se esparcido y cortado muy pequeno.
Leslie comio un pedazo muy grande y la atoro un poco. Picante es rico cuando no es en exceso.

3) Puedes hacer la pizza a tu manera!
 Cuando Leslie y yo salimos a comer pizza, normalmente pedimos mitad con queso y mitad sin queso para Leslie, lo que es lo mas a la medida que puedes pedir en un restaurante. En casa, podemos poner un poquitito de queso en su mitad y menos pepperonis, y quedo perfecta! Es dificil imaginar pedir en un restaurante “pongan un poquito de queso y menos carne” en un lado. En casa, podemos ser tan manosos como queremos.

We really enjoyed making pizza, and maybe soon we will venture into making our own dough. In the mean time, Trader Joes will supply the ingredients and we will provide the magic! Lo pasamos bien haciendo pizza, y tal vez pronto nos aventuremos a hacer nuestra propia masa. Por mientras, Trade Joes nos proveera con los ingredientes y nosotros pondremos la magia!

2 responses to ““Home Made” Pizza”

  1. You should make your own dough! It’s really easy. The only long part is the rise time, but you can make it when you get home and leave it for a while before dinner or make it ahead and let it rise over night in a bowl in the fridge. It’s usually healthier than store bought. I make mine whole wheat. If I make a double recipe for me and Cullen, it makes at least three dinners worth of pizza, because we like ours really thin. We usually make two small thin pizzas so we can have two different types.

    • sounds delicious!! the Trader Joes dough was whole wheat – we forgot to add that detail. But we really do want to try to make our own dough – it’s more fun! Do you have a recipe or website recipe we could follow??

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