Quick chicken recipe! / Facil pollo al horno!

Since we showed some pictures of some of our meals, we wanted to also share our ways of cooking some foods. We don’t have time (and most of the time the energy) to make elaborate meals so in our kitchen the motto is: The simpler the better! Ya que les mostramos algunas fotos de algunas de nuestras comidas, queremos tambien compartir la manera que preparamos algunos de estos platos. No tenemos tiempo (y la mayoria de las veces energia) para hacer comidas elaboradas, asi que en nuestra cocina el canto es: Mientras mas simple, mejor!
Lately, since our protein intake has increased significantly, we have been making chicken in the oven instead of in the skillet. We eat chicken breasts every other day and we still like it! So here is what we do: Ultimamente, desde que nuestro consume de protein ha aumentado significativamente, hemos preprado pollo en el horno en vez de la sarten. Comemos pechuga de pollo dia por medio y todavia no nos aburrimos! Asi que aqui va la manera que lo preparamos:

We get bags of chicken breasts from Trader Joes. Usually these bags have 3 or 4 breasts, which is plenty for dinner and lunch next day. Heat up the oven to 375 degrees. Spray a baking sheet with a thin layer of oil to make sure the chicken doesn’t stick to it. Put some salt on the sheet as well. Place the chicken breast on the baking sheet and a little bit of regular and garlic salt on the pieces of chicken. You can also add any other spice that you like – we love to add Merken* to our chicken. Once the oven has reached 375 degrees, place the baking sheet in the oven and let it bake for 26 minutes. Simple, tasty, fast, and healthy! Compramos bolsas de pechugas de pollo en Trader Joes. Normalmente las bolsas traen 3 o 4 pechugas, lo que es mas que suficiente para la cena y el almuerzo del otro dia. Calienta el horno a 375 grados (Fahrenheit). Cubra una lata de cocina con una capa muy fina de aceite para asegurarse que el pollo no se pegue. Pon sal en la lata tambien. Pon las pechugas en la lata y agrega sal y sal de ajo a las piezas de pollo. Tambien puedes poner cualquier especia que te guste – a nosotros nos gusta usar merken* en el pollo. Una vez que el horno este caliente, ponga la lata adentro y cocine por 26 minutos. Simple, sabroso, rapido, y saludable!

*Merken is a native Chilean spice. Mapuches use Merken to make their food a little spicy. It’s a mix of dried chilli peppers, salt, and some other spices that add a little kick to your food! We got a little bottle as a gift from my aunt and uncle and we love it! We are actually afraid of running out and we need to get some more. Next time someone is coming to the U.S. from Chile please let us know, we need more Merken!!!! *Merken es una especial native de Chile. La gente Mapuche usa Merken para darle un toque de picante a la comida. Es una mezcla de aji, sal y otros alinos que le dan un toque a la comida! Recibimos una botellita como regalo de mis tios y nos encanta! Tenemos miedo que se nos acabe y necesitamos mas. La proxima vez que alguien venga a los Estados Unidos desde Chile por favor avisenos, necesitamos Merken!!!

5 responses to “Quick chicken recipe! / Facil pollo al horno!”

  1. Have you ever tried pounding your chicken? I was never a big fan of chicken breast until I learned the trick of pounding or tenderizing it. I have a double sided tenderizer mallet. Once side is flat and smooth and the other side acts as a cuber. I pound the heck out of the chicken, until it’s flattened to my liking and after baking or cooking on the stove top it is so tender and juicy.

  2. We need to get one of those! I have never used it i chicken meat, but I remember back at home tenderizing steak to make sandwiches. My favorite one was churrasco palta, which is pretty much the mix of two of my favorites: tenderized skillet steak and avocado!!!!!! OMG now I need to make one!

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