P90X Phase I complete!

Since posting this we also completed P90X Phase II as well! Check it out!

Lately we’ve been super busy with school, work, working out and house stuff (nothing exciting – just cleaning, yard work, a couple of small repairs)…which is why our posts are fewer and farther between on the blog. We have had a hard enough time gathering our thoughts much less writing them out! We promise things will get back to normal and the posts will start flowing again…but in the mean time follow our adventures on twitter (@LosRodriguez_) and our Flickr photos (you can see both in the blog’s home page). Ultimamente hemos estado super ocupados con cosas de la Universidad, trabajo, cosas en la casa (nada interesante – solo limpiar, cortar el pasto, arreglar un par de cosas pequenas)…lo que ha hecho que no posteemos tan seguido. Hemos tenido problemas para juntar nuestras ideas y mucho mas escribirlas! Prometemos que todo volvera a la normalidad y los post comenzaran a fluir nuevamente…pero por mientras sigan nuestras aventuras en twitter (@LosRodriguez_) y en nuestro Flickr (pueden ver ambos en la pagina principal del blog)

As you know, we are doing P90X so we can be ready for the summer and get super healthy! Yesterday we finished the first Phase…and according to the program it was time to take our 30 day picture, which we did this morning. So far we are happy with what we have accomplished. We can see some definition, and honestly the 30 days went by super fast. Our diets are about to change (slightly – Leslie is positively beside herself about adding an extra serving of carbs starting tomorrow) and even though we are limited to certain foods, we have enjoyed following the plan and we feel much, much healthier and positive about our results. We won’t post the photos on here right now – we are still undecided if we’re going to post before and after photos on here or not. You’ll have to trust us that we are happy enough with them that we’re going to stick this out for the full 90 days instead of up and quitting now! Como ya saben, estamos haciendo P90X para estar listos para el verano y ponernos saludables! Ayer teminamos la primera etapa…y de acuerdo con el programa era hora de sacar las fotos de los 30 dias, lo que hicimos en temprano en la manana. Hasta ahora estamos felices con lo que hemos logrado. Podemos ver mejor definicion, y para ser honestos, los 30 dias pasaron muy rapido. Nuestra dieta va a cambiar (un poco – Leslie esta feliz que va a tener mas porciones de carbohidratos a partir de manana) y a pesar de que estamos limitados a ciertos tipos de comida, hemos difrutado seguir el plan y nos sentimos, mucho,mucho mas saludables y positivios con nuestros resultados.




4 responses to “P90X Phase I complete!”

  1. great blog! thanks for sharing so glad I found your blog and thanks also for writing in spanish. I will attempt to read your spanish entries first as I am learning the language! 🙂

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