Directly from the Rodriguez’ chest of memories / Fotos del baul de los recuerdos

Last week I received an email from my sister Paula with a bunch of old family pictures that she found in an old chest. Back in Chile we have a ton of pictures that Leslie and I want to bring back to Nashville to digitize. Looking through old pictures is so much fun for us – if you haven’t noticed we are kind of obsessed with photos and we love seeing how our now older relatives looked when they were our age. We love to see their clothes, the places they lived, their toys, their reactions in front of the camera – for example, Leslie has a photo of my grandpa standing in the exact same position as he was standing in this photo however many years ago. Some things never change. La semana pasada recibi un correo de mi hermana Paula con un monton de fotos antiguas de la familia que ellos tenian guardadas en un baul. En Chile tenemos un montons de fotos que nos gustaria poder traer a Nashville para digitalizarlas. Mirar estas fotos es muy entretenido para nosotros – si no se han dado cuenta, estamos medio obsesionados con las fotos y nos encanta ver como nuestros parientes mas viejos se veian cuando jovenes. Nos gusta ver su ropa, los lugares donde vivian, sus juguetes, sus reacciones frente a la camara – por ejemplo, Leslie tiene una foto de mi abuelo parado en la misma posicion que en una foto suya de haces muchos anos. Algunas cosas nunca cambian.
my grandpa in 2008
my grandpa Pancho and grandma Cata, the baby is my aunt Berti, my uncle Pocho (hat), seating on the window is my dad, and my uncle Manuel (covering his face), the little dog next to my grandpa is named Tomi!
Anyway, I’m not exactly sure who everyone was in each photo but we are definitely certain about a few…for example…

UPDATE: My dad sent me an email telling me everybody’s name!

Pero bueno, no estoy seguro quienes son todas las personas en las fotos. Pero si tenemos bien claras algunas…por ejemplo…

ACTUALIZADO: Mi papa me mando un correo diciendome los nombres de todos en las fotos!

hey that’s me!

there’s my dad

that’s my grandmother (the woman standing without the baby), great aunt Yaya (holding the baby) and the baby is my dad.

The rest of the photos below we’re not sure who is in which picture (so, Rodríguez family, if you do know please leave a comment below to enlighten us). Once we figure it out we can update this post.


El resto de las fotos no estamos seguros quien es quien (asi que la familia Rodriguez, si saben quienes son por favor comenten en el post para decirnos y asi podemos compartir con el resto del clan). Una vez que sepamos quienes son quienes, podemos actualizar todo.


This is my great-grandfather Manuel Fernandez and his family that migrated to Chile from Spain
From left to right: My dad, my uncle Pocho, and my aunt Nani
Aunt María Eugenia (baby with hat), aunt Nani (behind the baby), my dad in the middle, and my uncle Pocho (hat)
Uncle Pocho and aunt Nani (standing in the back), great-aunt Magi and great aunt Yaya (holding the babies), baby on the left is aunt María Eugenia and the baby on the right is my dad
My dad
My dad

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