Sick day smoothie

Uggggggh I’m sick. It started coming on on Monday night, by Tuesday I was definitely under the weather but I thought it was a little cold so I wasn’t too worried about it. On Wednesday morning I woke up and my throat felt like it was on fire…I had to brace myself every time I wanted to swallow. I couldn’t eat breakfast and I barely ate dinner the night before so by the time I made it to the student health center at Vanderbilt I was faint, dizzy and convinced I had strep throat. They did a test and I was strep negative, which was actually not welcome news because it meant my doc wasn’t 100% sure what I had. I left with the knowledge that I might have pharyngitis, or a throat virus. Nice. Ahhhhh estoy enferma. Me empeze a sentir mal el Lunes en la noche, el Martes ya me sentia mal mal pero pense que podia ser un pequeno resfrio asi que no estaba muy preocupada. El Miercoles en la noche me desperte con la garganta como si me quemara….tenia que sufrir cada vez que tragaba.  No udo tomar desayuno y apenas cene la noche anterior asi que al momento que llege al centro de salud estudiantil en Vanderbilt estaba debil, mareada, y convencida de que tenia una infeccion en la garganta. Hicieron tests pero salio negativo, lo que no me puso 100% feliz porque eso significaba que el doctor no estaba seguro que tenia. Me fui sabiendo que podia tener faringitis, o un virus en la garganta. Ugh..
The good news is, not being able to swallow real food led me to a new fun smoothie recipe that almost makes everything better. Here are the ingredients:

  1. frozen pineapple bits
  2. frozen mango puree
  3. frozen raspberries
  4. frozen blueberries
  5. orange juice (I got orange juice with mango…it’s amazing)
  6. a little bit o’ honey
La buena noticia es que sin poder tragar comida solida me permite crear recetas para batidos que hacen todo mejor. Aqui van los ingredientes:

  1. Pina congelada en pedazos
  2. Pure de mango congelado
  3. Frambueza congeladas
  4. Arandanos congelados
  5. Jugo de naranja (yo use jugo de naranja con mango…es genial!)
  6. Miel

mango puree – not cheddar cheese

I got all of the frozen fruits from Trader Joes. I went all Chilean-cooking style on this and threw in each of the fruits to taste…basically a little of this and a little of that. All of these fruits are full of vitamins C and A and have their own unique health benefits. The best news for me is that the smoothie is delicious and doesn’t hurt my throat when I swallow…which is very, very welcome relief. Both of Javier’s grandfathers were apiculturists and honey is a cure for EVERYTHING in the Rodríguez / Valenzuela family, so the smoothie wouldn’t be complete without a spoonful of honey. Compre toda la fruta congelada en Trader Joes. Use el estilo de cocina a la Chilena y puse todos los ingrdientes al ojo…basicamente un poco de todo. Todas estas frutas tienen mucha vitamina C y A y tienen beneficios especiales para la salud. Lo mejor para mi es que el batido es delicioso y no me duele la garganta cuando trago…lo que es un alivio muy bienvenido! Ambos abuelos de Javier eran apicultores y miel es la cura para TODO en la familia Rodriguez / Valenzuela, asi que el batido no estaria completo sin una buena cucharada de miel.

So – my advice is to try to stay healthy and save your smoothies for the summer when we’re supposed to drink them. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself with a throat virus, trust me, this smoothie is a life saver! Mi consejo es que intenten mantenerse sanos y guardar los batidos para el verano cuando es mas refrescante tomarlos. En el desafortunado caso que tengan un virus en la garganta, creanme, esta batido les ayudara muchisimo!

6 responses to “Sick day smoothie”

  1. Feel better, Lovely! I do have to rebut your assertion that smoothies are for the summer . . . They’re for anytime! I started using an immersion blender to make b-fast smoothies b/c my little kitchen would be cluttered by a countertop model. It’s great b/c now all I get dirty is the cup and the wand of the blender!

    • haha Javi has one of those magic bullet blenders and he looooooves it – same deal, just dirtying the cup! He beats eggs in them too. I know smoothies can be for anytime…I just relate getting my blender out and buying frozen fruit to summer! Turns out Trader Joes does too…the frozen fruit was slim pickins (but I was happy with the fruit I got!). In the summer they have TONS of frozen fruit!

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