A Translation Break: Uno to the Rescue

Before we get into the photos from our massive Uno game…here’s a quick reminder that THE SHOW AT PUCKETT’S IN LEIPER’S FORK IS TONIGHT!!!!!! The info:

  • location: 4142 Old Hillsboro Road Leipers Fork TN 37064
  • showtime: 8:00 PM
  • cost: $10
  • Reservations if you want a table: 615-794-1308

Now, on to the real post. Last night our family played a rousing game of Uno after a delicious dinner that my grandma prepared (turkey chili and cornbread! yum!). After translating throughout the entire dinner we decided to play a game of Uno, which doesn’t really require any translation. Everyone knew the colors (amarillo/yellow, red/rojo, green/verde, blue/azul) and the rest of the cards speak for themselves. By the end of the night everyone was saying “I’m sorry” and “lo siento” in the opposite language that they usually speak, and “noooooo!!!!” thankfully doesn’t need any translation. My grandma and Javier’s grandma sat together, which actually turned out to be pretty hilarious because one of them was always giving the other “+2,” “+4,” skip and reverse cards. It was a riot. Here are a few favorite photos from the night!

Anoche nuestra familia jugo un agitado juego de UNO despues de una deliciosa cena preparada por mi abuela (chile de pavo con pan de maiz! mmm rico!). Despues de traducir la conversacion durante toda la cena, decidimos jugar Uno, el cual no requiere traduccion. Todas sabian los colores en ambos idiomas y el resto de las cartas hablan por si solas. Al final de la noche todos decian “I’m sorry” o “lo siento” en ambas lenguas y noooooo!! que por suerte no necesita traduccion. Mi abuela y Javier se sentaron juntos, lo que termino siendo muy gracioso porque simepre se daban uno al otro cartas +2 o +4 o reversas y salta. Fue muy divertido. Aqui van algunas fotos de la noche!

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