Quick kitchen tip!

After doing some grocery shopping yesterday, I noticed that we had way too many eggs. Some of them have been in our fridge for awhile, and of course I didn’t want to get up in the morning and crack an egg to make an omelett and wake up with the nice smell of rotten poultry…(terrible to just think about).

Luego de ir al supermercado ayer, me di cuenta que teniamos demasiados huevos. Algunos han estado en nuestro refrigerador por bastante tiempo, y claro que no pretendo levantarme en la manana, abrir uno para hacer un omelete y despertar con el olor a pajaro podrido….(terrible de solo pensarlo)

So how do you know if your eggs have gone bad or not without having to experience putrid smells? Very easy!

Pero como saber si los huevos se han hechado a perder o no sin la necesidad de experimentar el olor a putrefaccion? Muy facil!

Fill up a pot with water and put the eggs in it. If they float…TOSS! If they sink…KEEP! Very simple!

Llena una olla con agua y pon los huevos en el agua. Si flotan…A LA BASURA! Si se van al fondo….SE QUEDAN! Muy simple!

Another little piece of advice…if you are worried about your eggs going bad, hard boil them. No, they won’t work for an omelett, but they won’t go bad, you can eat them later, and you won’t be wasting food (and money)!

Otro pequeno consejo….si estan preocupados que los huevos se hacharan a perder, haganlos huevos duros. No, no van a funcionar en un omelete, pero no se hecharan a perder, los peudes comer mas tarde, y no tendras que tirar comida a la basura (y plata)!

3 responses to “Quick kitchen tip!”

  1. great tip in case i ever do keep eggs in the fridge for too long. of course we eat eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner here and I do a ton of baking. can we say cholesterol city?

  2. Nice tip! I second the egg-boiling solution as well. It’s handy to mark which ones are boiled either right on the shell or by putting them in another container…or even cutting the carton in half and writing on the carton.

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