Ice Maker!

When we were shopping for appliances, the main request Leslie had regarding our fridge was an automatic ice maker. She loves her ice – she can’t live without it (she is so gringa! hahaha). So when we got our fridge with ice maker we thought they would install it for us – so dumb, of course they wouldn’t! Why make the customer completely satisfied with the purchase if you have the opportunity to drag him/her back to the store to either complain or give the sales representative a very mean look?? Anyways, we didn’t go with either of those options . We looked online and found out that it is not too difficult to hook the ice maker to a water line…….if the water line is very close to the fridge! AAAAAAHHHHHH! For us it was going to be a little more challenging set up, so here we go!

Cuando estabamos buscando electrodomesticos, la principal cosa que Leslie queria era que el refrigerador hiciera hielo. Le encanta su hielo, no puede vivir sin hielo (es muy gringa! jajaja). asi que cuando compramos el refri con hielo automatico, pensamos que nos lo instalarian. Que tontos fuimos, claro que no lo harian! Porque hacer feliz al cliente cuando tienes la oportunidad de hacerlo volver a la tienda enojado a reclamar o a mirar feo al vendedor?? Bueno, nosotros no hicimos ninguna de las 2. Buscamos en internet y encontramos que no es tan dificil instalar la maquina de hielo a la tuberia…..siempre y cuando la tuberia este cerca del refrigerador! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Para nosotros iba a ser un poquito mas complicado para installar, asi que aqui vamos!

First, we bought an ice maker installation kit.

Primero, compramos el kit para instalar la maquinita.

Then we looked for the closest cold water pipe to the fridge… it was right under our kitchen floor. Easy! – just drill a hole through and done. But of course the hitch – we have tile floor..dang it! Ok, drill a hole on the grout. (A scale model of looking for the Chilean miners).

Luego buscamos la tuberia de agua fria mas cercana al refrigerador….esta justo debajo del suelo . Facil! taladramos un hoyo y hecho. No, no tan rapido viejo! Tenemos ceramica…Ok, a taladrar el estuco. (Buscando a los 33! en miniatura)

We run the plastic tube through the whole and connected it to the fridge, following the kit’s instructions. Actually the package instructions kinda sucked, but it is really not hard to figure it out. Some Chinese manufacturer needs to hire a new English writer…just saying!

Pasamos el tubo por el hoyo y lo conectamos al refrigerador, siguiendo las instrucciones del paquete. La verdad las instrucciones era bien malas, pero no fue dificil encontrar la manera correcta. Una fabrica en Chine necesita contratar a un nuevo traductor de ingles…..por si acaso!

Then we placed the self perforating valve in the pipe and connected the tube to it. Before perforating, we shot off the water and then proceeded to PERFORATE!!!!!!!!!! No, it wasnt that exciting. But it was really exciting to release the valve and see the water flow thorough the tube! VICTORY!!!

Luego pusimos la valvula autoperforante en la tuberia y conectamos el tubo. Antes de perforar, cortamos el agua y luego procedimos a PERFORAR! No, no fue tan motivante. Pero si fue genial ver el agua correr por el tubo! VICTORIA!!!

Now we have to wait to see the final product….See you later plastic trays! You will soon be recycled into some plastic toy. Unless one of you would like to keep the trays??

Ahora tenemos que esperar a ver el producto final……nos vemos bandejas plasticas! Pronto seran recicladas y convertidas en un juguete plastico. A meos que tu quieras quedarte con las bandejas??

GOT LEAKS??? Not yet!

Goteras?? Todavia no!



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