My life is a myriad of adventures lived out both at home in East Nashville with Javier and our dogs and on the road with Humming House. There’s rarely a dull moment, but I have learned to scale down the web of interests that I have woven so that every once and awhile I can enjoy some down time at home with my family. When I first started writing this blog with Javier, I was a PhD student in the Sociology Department at Vanderbilt University. In the spring of my third year, I joined the band Humming House. For one brief semester I juggled the responsibilities of finishing the Master’s portion of my degree and life in a touring band. I finished the MA that summer but decided that after completing two MAs, I was ready to leave the PhD behind to pursue a career in music. Since then, I have dedicated my working time to touring and playing music with Humming House, writing songs, and doing as much photography as I can both on the road and back home in Nashville.

When I’m not on the road, I spend as much time as I can with Javier and the dogs. We love Nashville, and we especially love that my parents and gma live here too. My newfound freedom after graduate school has rekindled my love for reading fiction – especially fantasy fiction. My mom read Tolkien and Brian Jacques books to me when I was a kid, I spent my formative years devouring Harry Potter (and Tolkien again), and I’ve recently finished Game of Thrones (those that exist, anyway) – just a taste of the kind of literature that I love. I grew up playing music with my dad, and he and my mom raised me on a steady musical diet of Alison Krauss, Bonnie Raitt, Rhonda Vincent,  Susan Tedeschi, Stevie Nicks, Patty Loveless, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Patty Griffin…among many others. They took me to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival for the first time in 2006 and it’s still a dream of mine to play there. Someday! Well, Telluride and the Ryman. Oh, my folks also raised me on Broadway musicals. I knew (and know) many, many musical soundtracks by heart – and that’s where I get some of my theatrical edge when I perform…particularly when I sing Loretta Lynn.




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I’m a double PK (both of my parents are ordained ministers) and I grew up in the Presbyterian Church (USA). My mom is currently a chaplain for Alive Hospice in Nashville and my dad is the Charles G. Finney Professor of Preaching and Worship at the Vanderbilt Divinity School. My brother works for the world’s first financial exchange focusing on IP (intellectual property) rights – IPXI, or Intellectual Property Exchange International. My niece is the most adorable kid on earth.  In 2008 I was lucky enough to meet the most amazing, caring and understanding man I could ask for and we got married in 2009. We take the utmost advantage of our time together, enjoying life with our dogs, fixing up our house and enjoying time with our respective families as much as possible.  Together we are carving out the Los Rodriguez Life.Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

17 responses to “Leslie”

    • Thanks so much Joy! I loved your post on the KY Derby – I always miss Louisville around this time of year. The Derby hats look like such a fun project! 🙂

  1. Leslie, I’m thrilled to have found your blog. Your life is so colorful! I’m originally from New York, where I received a master’s degree in English, but I’ve always had a Latin soul. Three years ago, my husband and I moved to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It’s certainly different than what I was used to, but we get along just fine and have met wonderfully hospitable people. Please stop by my blog if you want a taste of my life!
    Un abrazo, Erica

  2. Hi Leslie. Thanks to FP, I discovered your blog. You are such a talented woman and pretty too. I am also married, doing my PhD, studied sociology in undergraduate and loves the Spanish language. I don’t know, but I feel a bit of connection to what you do and your interests. And I love your photography, as if each photo tells a story. Anyway, this is getting long. Keep sharing your talents and adventures.

    • Hello Dahlia – thank you so much, you’re so kind! I just checked out your blog and it’s beautiful. You’ve traveled so much – what a life! I look forward to reading about your future adventures!

    • hey cool!! Nashville bloggers unite!! 🙂 It’s a great place to be! We’re actually trying to get a nod in the “best of Nashville” blogging category this year but there are SO many great Nashville blogs out there. Some of my favorites are tinybootblog.tumblr.com, bethmathews.com, marycrimmins.com and owlreally.blogspot.com. Check them out if you get a chance – they are wonderful!

  3. Thanks for taking a look at our blog today…..Glad you enjoyed the Gardening article by Sabatino. He works for the Royal Horticultural Society so we were very pleased that he wrote the beginners guide to Gardening for us. Great blog too….Cheers…..

  4. Found your blog while researching Humming House. Dude, you guys rock! That must have been a difficult step turning to music after spending so much time in academia. Glad you did! Your band’s cover of My Love (Justin Timberlake) was absolutely outstanding, and your vocals were jaw-dropping. I’m obsessed with you guys now!

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