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In the past few years we have developed a strong interest in Formula 1. Yes! Fast cars, drama, competition, world traveling, LOTS OF MONEY! The F1 world is crazy! We were one of the many new fans to the sport attracted to it by the Netflix show “Drive to Survive”. What we enjoy the most is the fact that both of us like it and got into it at the same time. Its not like other sports or disciplines that one of us liked while the other one followed, which is fine but at one point the level of interest is different.

With Formula 1 we noticed that a lot of our kitchen or car conversations where about races, or drivers, or things related to the F1 world. As our interest grew and each one of us developed opinions (we tend to agree though), the idea of creating a podcast came to mind. I mean why not right? To be fully transparent with you, our ultimate goal is to get press passes to a race…so that’s our motivation to get this thing going.

We are in our second season of the podcast and recently we posted our 36th episode. The cool part about the latest episode is that we had a guest, Marissa Troy, talking about design elements in Formula 1 AND we did audio and video for the first time. You can listen to the podcast on any major podcast site (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, etc.) and you can find the video in our Youtube channel.

Please check out the episodes, and who knows…maybe you will join us as a new Formula 1 fan, you have Green Flag!

YouTube Channel

Home Position F1 podcast


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