Aura Aura portrait

I just posted this story on my instagram account but thought it would be fun to share with everyone. If you’ve never heard of Aura Aura, check out their website to learn more about the process and read over the color guide while you’re there. My friend Liz treated me to my portrait and it was such a cool gift!! We both had our auras interpreted by Eileen (owner/photographer) together and they were simultaneously similar and very different – I wish I had actually recorded the whole reading while I was there so I could remember Eileen’s take on it. I had to reconstruct my own reading when I got home based on the color guide, which I’m posting here as a slideshow. Have you had your aura portrait made? They do pop ups in various cities and are based in Detroit – I highly recommend booking a session! Next time they are in town I want to do a session with Javier!

One response to “Aura Aura portrait”

  1. How fun! Love all the greens! And .. little orb Goldie sneaking in there and making her presence known ever so much more day by day!

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