Arts and Crafts Weekend

We are officially 39 weeks and two days into this adventure and still waiting on miss Penelope to make her debut! I have a feeling she’s just going to make me wait. Is that a Virgo thing? Javi and I have our fingers crossed for Tues-Thurs of this week because he has Friday off. Come on lil P!

Anyway, we had a nice relaxing weekend, and I will not complain about that one bit since I know those will be few and far between. Yesterday we basically spent the entire day working on fun little projects that we’ve had in mind for awhile: Javi made a lamp out of an old bourbon bottle (he’s been holding on to this bottle for this purpose for a long time) and I made a new hat to add to my Etsy shop!

Every time we go to the Louisville City FC games we sit with the crazy fans, but we stick out because neither of us owns anything purple or gold and we don’t have any kind of fan-wear that supports the team. A couple of weeks ago I finally bought some purple and gold yarn and found a pattern for a slouchy hat with a long tail (Javier’s specific request).

Louisville City FC Knit Hat
Pick your two colors! We’re ready for the next Louisville City FC game!

This weekend I sat down to make it and I LOVE how it turned out! I listed the hat on etsy – you can pick any two colors from the dropdown menu. It’s about time I added a new hat to the shop! Pick your team colors or whatever colors you want (orange and black for Halloween? Red and green for Christmas?) and get the order in today!


While I was at work knitting, Javier was in the garage learning how to make a clean break on bourbon bottles. He’s been messing around with the idea of making light fixtures for a long time, so it was really fun to see it all come together so quickly yesterday! If anyone in town has any empty bourbon bottles, save them for us. Javi has plans to make more of these now that he’s figured out the technique. He’s pretty damn amazing…it’s another one of those projects I assumed would take a long time and it was over in a matter of hours. I love how it looks against our peacock chair! So…that was our exciting weekend. Maybe next weekend our excitement will be changing diapers and partying it up at 3am with lil P…we’ll see!


One response to “Arts and Crafts Weekend”

  1. Amazing productions. So the lamp doesn’t have to blink? I only saw it blinking and I’m too old for blinking– my eyes can’t adjust.

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