Buena Buena update: Vintage Summer

Now that Derby is over, my brain has officially switched into summer mode. It’s a byproduct of growing up here; once Derby ends, there’s only a couple weeks left of school and then summer vacation! Of course this summer is a whirlwind of moving into a new house (more on that later) and not exactly vacation time, but the weather is sunny and warm and I’m *feelin it!*
With summer in mind, I did a little makeover in my shop to bring all sunny / colorful / summer items to the front. It’s been about a year since I started selling vintage items, and I think I’ve finally figured out which items I like to find and which items actually sell and where that overlap occurs. I’m pretty excited about the last two vintage hauls I brought home, and I’m almost finished listing everything. Here are a few of the items – you can see all of the latest by clicking “sort” in the right corner and hitting “most recent.”

90s Hawaiian top
1980s Trumpet Prom Dress – Satin and Lace with a Bow
100% silk pleated skirt
vintage Dashiki Dress
Blush Pink Polyester Skirt size L
Rose Embroidered Kaftan
Pastel Hawaiian Skirt – S
Three vintage Victorias Secret Robes
Vintage Mickey Mouse Colorblock Sweater

One fun thing I recently added to the shop are a couple of vintage prints that I took the liberty of altering with glittery letters and vintage frames. It started when Kendrick Lamar’s new album dropped and I felt like maybe, somewhere out there, somebody was wishing they had a piece of wall art that just said “DAMN.” and “HUMBLE.” in the matter-of-fact delivery that Kendrick Lamar provided, but with a vintage vibe. That person exists, I know it. And I’m here for them when they go a-lookin.

Kendrick Lamar print
“DAMN.” in vintage frame: $20

Kendrick Lamar Print

I then found two stellar Last Supper prints in vintage frames just asking for edits. There are so many Last Supper images out there – why not add a little twist. So far I’ve only altered one (the other is a holograph-type print and I have special, unknown-to-me-yet plans for that). Adding “squad goals” was all Javier’s idea…and I love it.

Then the other day in Goodwill I found an excellent vintage Minnie Mouse cowgirl metallic print in a crappy pink frame with moldy pink matting. I rescued the print from the frame and bought a really neat western-looking vintage wood frame to put her in, but it didn’t quite fit right. Luckily I had another sweet vintage frame at my house ready to go, and once I cut the print down to size it was a perfect match. Get it, Minnie!

Vintage Minnie Mouse Foil Finish Print in Vintage Frame
I’ve been trying to unify the aesthetic / vibe of my shop, but it’s been difficult because I sell so many different types of items. Vintage home goods (both classy and kitschy), vintage apparel from every decade I can find plus sport team apparel, vintage kids, knit hats, and now these vintage prints. We’ll see where they wind up fitting in…

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