March Madness Threads

How how how is it already March 6?! I don’t know if it’s the week-by-week political shitstorm or the early arrival of spring in Louisville but it feels like this year is moving along like it has somewhere to be. Well, March in Louisville means basketball fever…and this year we have the little UofL yard flag pledging our allegiance to the Cards so we’re about as ready as the Rodriguez family gets (thanks mom!).


With all of my thrifting over the last year, I’ve found some pretty amazing vintage** UofL jackets and sweatshirts. Most of these items I’ve been compelled to keep despite my recent pledge to purge; I can’t just toss vintage Cards treasures. I gave Javier a large vintage UofL sweatshirt I found, kept a 1980s UofL satin bomber, a 1990s cheerleading windbreaker, and two sweatshirts from the 1980s. I’m able to date most of these items by the Cards logo and the tag.

**NB: did you know “vintage” means made before 1998? Because 1997 was TWENTY YEARS AGO. 

I hit my limit with vintage Cards stuff (for now), so I finally started adding a couple of items to my shop. I didn’t realize UofL had a retro night at the stadium, so last week a couple of those items sold off quickly for the event. The UofL items that I still have in my shop are below…


The best thing about this one is that the text is in plaid…I’ve never seen that on a UofL piece. 


Just put this one on sale ^^ late 90s crewneck sweatshirt 

screen-shot-2017-03-06-at-9-15-32-amput this one on sale too! ^^

Now, if you’re a UK fan, my shop is the place to find vintage UK gear. I find UK items just as often as I find UofL pieces and I have no problem parting with them – all for the love of you wonderful UK fans out there of course. Recently I sold the most amazing 1980s UK satin bomber jacket, a reversible nylon and suede bomber jacket, and a couple of 1990s windbreakers. I still have two sweatshirts in the shop (including this really rare Untouchables sweatshirt from 1996!) and another early 90s windbreaker. Get at ’em before March Madness starts!



^^This one is that special Untouchables sweatshirt from 1996!


I love the retro fading lines behind the text on this one^^



If you aren’t interested in KY sports but are into college sports, check out the other sweatshirts I have in my shop. I know most of these teams aren’t involved in March Madness (with the exception of Syracuse), but if you know of anyone who loves these schools, let them know I have some sweet vintage pieces just for them!





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