Heat Wave

It’s hot in Santiago. It’s too hot to write, too hot to move, too hot to cook, too hot to take photos, too hot to leave the house, too hot for much of anything. Javi caught a 24-hour bug a couple of days ago, so we’ve been taking it easy here. The heat makes it easy to stay put; nobody wants to sit in a car or walk around Santiago while the heat pummels us like this.


The only things worth sweating for are sweets; ice cream and dulces Chilenos. We visited Javier’s favorite ice cream spot from his childhood, and I’m not surprised he loved this place. The servings are ENORMOUS – a kiddos dream. The dulces Chilenos are from a little town outside Santiago that’s famous for these cookies. We stopped in a little shop to pick up a few and bring them back for the big Colo Colo game tonight; it’s the tournament final for the family’s favorite club team. We tried to get tickets to the game but were unsuccessful, and honestly with this heat I’m relieved we’ll be watching it in the comfort of the Rodriguez living room with fans blowing in our faces while we cheer.


The day that Javi came down with his bug I went out with Paula and Ignacia to do a mini shoot in a plaza down the street. They are so sweet together! Javier’s grandma Cora arrived last night and will stay for the rest of our visit, which I’m sad to say is only a few more days…and so I’m off to make the most of it (while trying to stay cool).




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