Return to Chile 2016

We are back in Santiago with Javier’s family! The last time we were here was in 2014 for Macarena and Alex’s wedding, and Paula had just found out she was pregnant. It’s been two years and little Ignacia Paz, our “new” niece, is already so grown up! We’ve been communicating with her as best we can via FaceTime (thank you modern technology), but obviously it’s not the same as getting to run around with her on Javier’s shoulders while she squeals with glee. I have the two cutest nieces on the planet!

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The flight to Santiago is about 9 hours from Atlanta, and the time passed okay…I’m terrified of flying as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, but I finally treated myself to some noise-canceling headphones and those are a DREAM on a plane. Couple the headphones with a hefty glass of wine, and an eye coverlet and I was basically on another planet.

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The whole family picked us up from the airport, including little Ignacia. As with most toddlers it took a while to warm up to us, but by the end of our first day in town she was hugging my legs and riding around on uncle Javier’s shoulders…she’s a DELIGHT. I want to take her back to Louisville with us!

Our plan here is to have as few plans as possible. Relax, drink wine, play games, play with Igni, maybe go find some yarn for me and do a little shopping for Javi for fun. Vacation mode in full effect!

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