My doggos are video stars

Last month Humming House released the official video for our song “Run with Me”! We filmed the video over two incredibly hot days last fall (back when my hair was flowing and Kumita was a baby). Running around the city in heels and business-casual clothes while trying to capture the right shots for our storyline was exhausting, but the final version came out exactly how we imagined it. Our friend Kerry Henderson of Stage Left Creative did an amazing job shooting and editing the video together. The story features Chupete, Choripan, Kumita, Ben and Jessica’s dog Ella and Justin’s brother’s dog Jameson as they rescue us from the day-to-day and take us on an adventure through the city.


Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

It wasn’t easy wrangling thirty dogs in the confined space of my backyard, so I’ll take this moment to send a huge thank you to everyone who participated in bringing this video to fruition! My one moment of great trepidation came when Kumita and Chupete ran outside on their leashes without anyone holding the leash. I am unreasonably paranoid that my dogs will take the chance at freedom and run away forever, so during each of those shots I’m just off camera holding about a pound of pepperoni trying to get them to run to me. It worked. They ate a TON of pepperonis that day – and as it turns out, my dogs are much, MUCH better actors than I am.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.05.51 AM

The shots of us at work were taken at  our management’s office in downtown Nashville. The pups didn’t know what the hell was going on, especially when we had them in the elevator. We managed to get in and out without any hounds peeing on the office floors, which was a win. Running across the pedestrian bridge would have been much more fun if I wasn’t wearing heels, but Chupi and Chori loved it (Kumita wasn’t sure about the heights – it was his first time on a bridge). By far the best part was the dog party, and I intended on getting a ton of photos during that scene but I was so frazzled trying to make sure the gate stayed closed, the dogs didn’t eat the food on the grill, and the feral puppies from East CAN weren’t too overwhelmed that I didn’t even manage to get one photo once the party started. You’ll just have to believe me that it was fun!


Thank you to everyone who has shared the video far and wide! Keep spreading the word – pass the video along to any dog lovers, animal shelters, volunteer centers, and lovers of music that you know. We’re getting close to kicking off the next leg of our Run with Me Tour traveling out west, so tell the world we’re heading their way!


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