Canal tour of Copenhagen

On Monday morning we all set out for the canal to take a canal tour. We’re extremely good at getting lost, but my mom and Javier are obsessed with their Copenhagen maps. So while dad and I meander around the city in our own worlds taking photos, mom and Javi would stop about every 100 yards and check the map again, trying to figure out which turn took us off the route and where we went awry. It’s always an adventure getting anywhere…and the streets of Copenhagen (that never go straight for more than 10 feet) don’t help. But it’s a beautiful city and we’re enjoying taking it all in! El Lunes en la manana salimos camino al canal para hacer un tour en bote. Somos muy buenos para perdernos, pero mi mama y Javier estan obsesionados con sus mapas de Copenhagen. Asi que mientras mi papa y yo deambulabamos por el camino en nuestras propias burbujas y tomando fotos, mama y Javi nos paraban cada 100 metros para revisar los mapas intentando ver donde estabamos y que esquina nos saco de ruta y nos despisto. Es siempre una aventura ir a culquier parte….y las calles de Copenhagen (que nunca son derechas mas de 5 metros) no ayudan. Pero es una ciudad hermosa y disfrutamos todo lo que ofrece!

DSC_7837 DSC_7844 DSC_7876

Once we got to the canal, we bypassed the first boat company because it costs twice as much as the second one (thank you Rick Steves!) and we got in line for our canal tour. People are vicious in lines without ropes – we had to stand 4-wide to keep people from cutting in front of us in the end! It got really old, but we finally got onto our canal and it was fabulous! The weather was perfect yet again, but it was a bit windy out on the water so if anyone is planning on doing this tour I recommend a sweatshirt even on a warm day! I had to borrow Javier’s. Cuando llegamos al canal, nos saltamos la primera compania de botes porque cuesta el doble que la segunda (gracias Rick Steves!) y nos pusimos a la cola para el tour. La gente es pilla cuando hay colas sin cuerdas a los lados – tuvimos que pararnos en linea para bloquear a cualquiera que se quisiera colar! Nos estabamos aburriendo ya, pero al final nos subimos a nuestra bote y salimos rumbo a la bahia que es fabulosa! El tiempo estaba perfecto una vez mas, pero habia un poco de viento en la bahia abierta asi que si alguien esta planeando en hacer este tour, les recomiendo que lleven un poleron o chaleco incluso si hace calor! Yo tuve que usar el de Javier.

DSC_7986 DSC_7925 DSC_7922 DSC_7900 DSC_7898

There were two guides offering translated bits of information – every fact was translated from Danish to English to German. The first building we passed on the water was a beautiful new theater that was only recently finished – a completely modern, environmentally-friendly building with glass panels all around that reflect the water. The building is cooled down in the summer by the water in the canal and warmed up in the winter via stage lights and body heat. I love this city! Habian dos guias que daban datos de los edificios y lugares en ingles, aleman y danes. El primer edificio que pasamos en el agua fue el nuevo teatro que ha sido terminado recientemente – completamente moderno, amigable con el medio ambiente, y con paneles de vidrio que reflejaban el agua. El edificio es enfriado en el verano con el agua del canal y en el invierno se calienta con las luces del escenario y el calor corporal de la audiencia. Me encanta esta ciudad!


The next incredible building we passed was a new opera house that a wealthy family donated to the city. It’s gorgeous – I’d love to go inside and see an opera but I don’t want to think about how much money that would set us back! Speaking of money, we also passed an old navy hangar that was recently converted into new modernized lofts that are worth between 1.5 and 3 million dollars (U.S.). Pretty sweet! El proximo edificio increible que pasamos fue la nueva opera que una familia adinerada dono a la ciudad. Es preciosa – me gustaria entrar y escuchar un show pero no quiero pensar cuanto cuesta hacerlo! Hablando de dinero, tambien pasamos un astilladero antiguo de la armada que fue recientemente convertido en modernos departamentos que cuestan entre 1.5 y 3 millones de dolares. Muy genial!

DSC_7937 DSC_7915

We then went past office buildings that were old shelters for boats during the Napoleonic Wars. They are such simple structures but it’s pretty cool that they weren’t destroyed. We drove past the Little Mermaid statue, but the photos didn’t really come out – we weren’t close enough to see the details of the statue and a ton of people were posing with her so really it looked like a photo of a group of kids smiling at their parents holding cameras. Oh well! We drove past the royal palace and through a couple of beautiful neighborhoods before finally making it back. The whole tour lasted about 75 minutes and we loved every bit of it. Definitely put it on the schedule if you’re ever visiting Copenhagen! Pasamos los edificios de oficinas que eran los antiguos refugios de barcos durante las guerras Napoleonicas. Eran estructuras simpes pero muy interesantes por el hecho de que no hayan sido destruidas. Pasamos por la estatua de la sirenita, pero las fotos no salieron bien – no estabamos lo suficientemente cerca como para ver los detalles de la estatua y un monton de gente estaba posando con ella asi que solo parece como un grupo de ninos sonriendo a sus padres que sostenian camaras. Pero bueno…Pasamos el palacio real y por un par de vecindarios pintorescos antes de volver al puerto. El tour completo duro mas o menos 75 minutos y disfrutamos cada segundo. Definitivamente ponganlo en los planes si visitan Copenhagen!

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  1. I love the first pic of your parents! So sweet! We are headed to Europe, starting in Amsterdam, in 11 days, so your post made me really excited. I blogged our itinerary today, and a canal tour is definitely on there!

    • How exciting! We are sure you will have a blast. Take pics and please share your stories, we are looking forward to read them 😉

    • Hhahah you are right! I have been here all worried about the plants. Our friend is checking on them these days. She loves plants and we have no doubt she is taking good care of them. The weeds?? Well, we will be busy this coming week catching up on weeding, thats for sure.

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