Signs of spring!

It may have snowed over the weekend (and last night apparently in some parts of middle TN) but we’ve been seeing signs of spring all around our house and neighborhood and it makes us so excited. The first to come up are the daffodils lining the boundaries of all the yards in South Inglewood. Unfortunately for our neighbors, we’ve been cutting all of ours back as soon as they are about to bloom and bringing them into vases all over our house.  Most of the glass “vases” we use are actually honey jars from the farmers market and maple syrup jars from Traders. As soon as we finish them we clean them out, peel the labels and save them for spring / summer flowers. Pudo haber nevado el fin de semana ( y al parecer anoche tambien en algunas partes de Tennessee) pero hemos visto senales de la primavera al rededor de la casa y el vecindario lo que nos tiene muy contentos. Los primero que apareció fueron las flores que delinean los bordes de las casas en South Inglewood. Desafortunadamente para nuestros vecinos, nosotros hemos cortado las nuestras antes de florecer para ponerlas en floreros dentro de la casa. La mayoría de nuestros “floreros” fueron jarros de miel que compramos en la feria y jarros de miel de maple que compramos en Trader Joes. Apenas los terminamos, los lavamos, sacamos las etiquetas y los guardamos para poner flores.

DSC_9426 DSC_9431 DSC_9433 DSC_9436 DSC_9440 DSC_9444

The pansies are finally starting to look really good. I’ve been pinching back some of the buds to make them produce more (thank you master gardening class for that tip) and they are finally turning into that “carpet of color” I was hoping we’d get. We’re also getting tulip buds that should bloom sometime in mid/late March. Las pansies finalmente se ven bien. Les he ido cortando algunos de los brotes para que generen aun mas (gracias a nuestra clase de jardinería por el dato) y finalmente se están convirtiendo en la alfombra de colores que quería. Tambien tenemos tulipanes que están comenzando a salir y que deberían florecer a fines de Marzo.

DSC_9425 DSC_9421 DSC_9420 DSC_9419 DSC_9416 DSC_9414 DSC_9412 DSC_9410

Of course, we’ve got all the little sprouts in our vegetable garden and we’re finally seeing a little growth in the raised flower bed! It’s Lupine, and it won’t actually bloom until next year but it’ll grow up and stay green this year. Still, it’s good to see that the cold weather wasn’t too much for those little seeds! Is spring springing wherever you are? Y tambien tenemos todos los vegetales en la huerta que han brotado y un par de brotes en nuestra jardinera de flores! Es una Lupine, y no florecerá hasta el próximo ano pero crecerá y se mantendrá verde durante el ano. Aun asi, es bueno saber que el frio no afecto mucho a las semillitas! Hay signos de primavera donde tu estas?


9 responses to “Signs of spring!”

  1. This just makes me so jealous! I can’t stand the fact that we are still a few months away from green grass, let alone flowers. There was a blizzard here last night…for Pete’s sake. Sorry, I may have a touch of a bad attitude this morning 😉

    • oh man!! Bummer! Well I’m a little jealous – we never had a “real” snow here and I would’ve loved at least one good snowstorm! What we had doesn’t even qualify as a “dusting”!

  2. Lupine is one of the wild flowers that I saw often in my growing up CA years — I suppose there aren’t that many places where they can be found these populated days!

  3. Yay! Spring!! Your daffodil photos are so, so beautiful. And the pansies are beautiful. I love pansies, and have tried to grow them several times. I’ve always been told “they’e impossible to kill; anyone can grow them”. But, guess what? Yep. I’m death to pansies. I’ve finally given up on trying for them. I’m sure my picture is up at the cash register of our local nursery, anyhow, with a note that says: “Don’t sell pansies to this woman!” LOL

    • hahaha! My mom is the SAME WAY! They are her very favorite flowers but every year she plants them and, well, it’s nothing she can help but the rabbits eat them! She’s planting them this year in pots on plant stands to keep them away from the rabbits but they always get devoured and she gets so mad. Too funny! For awhile I was worried that these wouldn’t perk up because we bought them on clearance when they were dying but they’ve done pretty well since the weather started to turn. Keep trying! 🙂

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