Playing Dictionary

Whenever we have a big family reunion we try to play games that include as many people as possible. One of our favorite games, and one where anyone can play since there is no limit for the number of players, is dictionary. Cada vez que tenemos una reunión familiar, intentamos jugar a algo que incluya a la mayor cantidad de gente posible. Uno de nuestros juegos favoritos, y uno donde todos pueden jugar porque no hay limite de jugadores, es diccionario. 

This game is a simple as it can be and it brings out the creativity of everybody in the family. All you need to play are pieces of paper, pens, and a dictionary or two. To play, one player (the word finder) finds a word in the dictionary that nobody knows (some very interesting words come up) and read the word out loud to everyone. Once the word is out, everyone invents a definition for that word and writes it down on a piece of paper and gives it back to the person who picked the word. The person who chose the word has to write the real definition on a piece of paper as well in order to mix it among all the other definitions. With all definitions turned in, the word finder reads them out loud and the rest of the players begin voting for what they think the real definition is. Este juego muy simple y saca a relucir la creatividad de cada miembro de la familia. Todo lo que se necesita para jugar es papel, lápices, y un diccionario o dos. Para jugar, un jugador (el buscador) tiene que encontrar en el diccionario una palabra que nadie conoce (algunas palabras muy interesantes aparecen) y lee la palabra en voz alta para todos. Una vez que la palabra ha sido anunciada, cada persona inventa una definición para esa palabra y la escribe en una pieza de papel y se la da al buscador. El buscador también tiene que escribir la definición en papel y mezclarla con la otras definiciones. Una vez que todas las definiciones han sido entregadas, el buscador lee cada una en voz alta y el resto de los jugadores votan por la definición que ellos creen es la verdadera.

There are different goals. If you are the word finder, you are hoping that nobody votes for the real definition. If you are making up a definition, you are hoping for people to vote for your definition. The way you score points is up to each group of people. For us the scoring goes this way: the word finder gets one point for every person that DOES NOT pick the real definition. The other players score one point for each vote their definition receives. Anyone who guesses the correct definition gets two points. After that word is done and the points have been assigned, is the turn for the next person to find a new word. Hay varios objetivos. Si eres el buscador, tu meta es que nadie vote por la definición verdadera. Si tu inventaste una definición, tu meta es que la mayor cantidad de gente posible vote por tu definición. La puntuación funciona así: el buscador gana un punto por cada persona que NO vota por la definición real. Los otros jugadores ganan un punto por cada voto que su definición recibe. Si un jugador vota por la definición verdadera, gana dos puntos. Una vez terminada la ronda, es el turno para el próximo jugador de elegir una nueva palabra.

This game is a blast! The players – especially in our family – make up some crazy definitions and many times some of the wackiest ones are the real ones! It is amazing to see how creative people can get, and it is so great to be able to play a game with everyone. Este juego es muy entretenido! Los jugadores – especialmente en nuestra familia –  crean definiciones locas y a veces algunas de las mas locas son las verdaderas! Es increíble lo imaginativa que algunas personas son, y es genial poder jugar a algo con todo el mundo. 

Below is a list of words and some of the best definitions that came up in last night’s game. Enjoy! (We apologize for the Spanish readers, the words used in the game are rare and we will not translate them or the definitions) Abajo va una lista de las palabras y algunas de las mejores definiciones que fueron creadas en el juego de anoche. Disfruten! (Nos disculpamos con los lectores en Español, las palabras usadas en el juego son raras y no las traduciremos y tampoco las definiciones)


  • Paleontological term used to describe the provocation of a velociraptor.
  • From Australia, a lasso made from wallaby hide.
  • An act of bravery performed in the pursuit of justice.
  • An action that requires full muscle contraction in order to be completed.
  • Heroic courage or action.
  • Small leaf-eating Australian rodent.
  • Control of swamp gas supply and pumping of oil from the well also know as yesknocker.
  • An embellishment worn in women’s hair made popular in the 1920s.
  • Small weasel-like rodents in the Australian outback.
  • Foolhardiness
  • A pouch designed to conceal a small weapon.
  • A brimmed hat worn by term hunters in Australia.
  • Woodwind fashioned from the long hollowed branches of the Australian ringedoe tree.
  • The national dance of the Australian aborigines.
  • Woodwind fashioned from hollowed branches of Australian ringdo.
  • Small leaf-eating Australian rodent considered a delicacy among certain pygmy tribes.


  • A belief that the emperor Clavius was the 3rd son of Zeus.
  • The type of special music written for a 3 clavier trio.
  • Hereditarian malformation where babies are born with an additional collar bone.
  • A misguided belief that someone has three clavians.
  • Ancient Romans who saw their lives as having three distinct phases.
  • Medical condition in which one has an extra, or third, clavicle.
  • Tripartisan leadership method introduced by the Italian Claventine monastery, whereby three leaders are elected by a panel of religious officials.
  • A Greek Orthodox view relating the doctrine of the trinity to music theory.
  • Propensity to think and act in sets and motions of three.
  • The belief that the world history can be divided into three parts, before, during, and after the existence of human beings.
  • An early school of dissection involving three incisions, one vertical and two horizontal, facilitating organ removal with minimal damage to nerves and muscle tissues.
  • Belief that only three nails were used in Jesus’ crucifixion. 
  • The century enclave of women devoted to living together in clusters of three in order to signify community with the Holy Trinity.
  • Three leaved plant.


  • Of or related to indefinitely cyclical ovulation.
  • Developmental stage of an embryo.
  • The paste used for geishas as makeup for their debut performance.
  • Precancerous cells of the womb.
  • A condition characterized by a swelling of the waist line.
  • Deformed development of an egg.
  • Stage of embryonic development where cells fold form cavities.
  • Making eggs burst open in the womb.
  • Ovarian hypertrophy resulting in excessive production of ova.
  • Separation of egg from uterus via short blast of air.
  • Protective outer coating on helium balloons.
  • The technical term of an ovarian cist bursting with little to no pain.


  • Tending toward bitterness.
  • Desiring to marry.
  • Ocean swells thirty feet and higher.
  • Recipient of Navy maritime award.
  • The person who teaches puppeteers their craft.
  • Merry go around.
  • A debt.
  • Preliminary measurements by naval architects.
  • An excessively egregious act.
  • Predisposed to war.
  • Being surprisingly calm in moments of extreme frustration.
  • Red-faced, phlegmatic.
  • A person in charge of charting variations of ocean tides.
  • Happily oblivious.


  • The projection of unhappiness or discomfort onto others.
  • A cage fight where opponents have absolutely no rules.
  • Psychological term for a person dealing with conflicting internal personalities.
  • Colloquial German expression meaning “everything is fine”
  • A person who wants to be in a high position, but is to marginal in its qualities.
  • A condition of being angry at oneself after behaving promiscuously.
  • The confiscation of Jewish-held properties under Nazi Germany.
  • Bombing technique of German Luftstrasse during World War II.
  • A device that keeps six or eight horse teams reins organized.
  • A relaxed sense of struggle or ignorance to danger.
  • Leather strip worn across the chest securing swords or knives.
  • Pre-dawn, vertical parachute insertion behind enemy lines.
  • Inner city psychopath.
  • Species of plants that belong to two taxonomic genera within the family Primulaceae.


  • Engraved breastplate armor.
  • A blood clot released in the pancreas.
  • Meals served only in bowls.
  • A nutritional disorder caused by an aversion to ingesting liquids.
  • Rotini pasta in Israel.
  • Inter calary; inserted into the calendar.
  • Clot caused by hemodynamic turbulence at the bifurcation of an artery.
  • Tropical storm pattern that results in a wet and windy summer season with few fish being born or captured.
  • Blood clot formed from a blow to the elbow.
  • Pertaining to a blood clot traveling to the small bowel.
  • A grain oatmeal dish served with Peruvian pistachios.


  • To punch someone on the knee.
  • A misfiring missile.
  • Common term for a speckled front of the species macklinbergia.
  • A blurred impression in printing.


  • A collector of matchbooks.
  • Taxonomist.
  • A lover of light.
  • Doctors who do not support vaccinations.
  • One who collects pianos.
  • A printer of stamps.
  • The person responsible for replacing the lights in a football stadium.
  • One who studies and collects moths and butterflies.
  • A mesh like wire inserted into your artery to open it up.
  • One who specializes in restoring aged cobblestone streets.
  • A performer who can create realistic images using the reflection of light in stained glass.
  • One who fights on behalf of his or her brother.


  • Similarity of objects, to compare, equal appearance.
  • A mid-wife or nurse on passenger ships serving Latin American countries.
  • A bicycle racing term for the first rider to the top of a hill climb.
  • A Catholic settlement in the Hudson River Valley, formed in 1792.
  • Collective term for stars comprising a constellation.
  • Military marching event.
  • The long strand of peel created from the paring of an apple.
  • A panoramic photo with a focal point of water.
  • A team of gliders competing in a race.
  • Brazilian grass skirt for female capoeira dancers.
  • A drug from the root of a Brazilian shrub, used as muscle relaxant.
  • A person who is hated without justification.


  • A nineteenth century dramatic performance troop of Germanic gypsies.
  • A plum brandy made in Romania and the former Yugoslavia.
  • Feeling of remorse at the death of an enemy.
  • Celebration of the first day of ice fishing season in northern Siberia.
  • A surprising or dramatic turn of events.
  • Steber.
  • A particular bowing technique used in baroque music.
  • Hungarian vodka infused with bath salts.
  • Aquatic landslides caused by deep sea drilling.
  • Yiddish term for a lazy person who pretends to work hard.
  • A folk dance of Slovenia.
  • The tittle of a popular book written in 1962 about corruption of the leaders of USSR.
  • Ceremonial dagger worn in Ukrainian military parades.
  • Preservation of the final syllable in the pronunciation of subsequent word common to broca’s aphasia.


  • Of or pertaining to a member of the fennel species of plants.
  • Found in Mediterranean oysters; a tiny, rare, black pearl.
  • A small brown bird hailing from Europe.
  • Style of political debate used in ancient Greece.
  • Hellenic gardens surrounding the perimeter of Mt. Olympus.
  • Nickname given to spartan citizens who avoided paying taxes.


  • One who stammers as they speak.
  • The pointed hat worn by children who are being punished.
  • Bummblebee

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