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Thanksgiving Javi Style Mashed Potatoes

For a couple of years now I have been assigned to mashed potato duty at Thanksgiving. I am not sure why I was asked to make them in the first place since honestly I don’t have a recipe to make them. I guess I’m an expert now since the family keeps asking me to make them, so here are my “notes” on how to make “Thanksgiving mashed potatoes Javi style”. Hace un par de anos ya que he sido designado para hacer pure. No estoy seguro porque fui nombrado la primera vez ya que, para ser honesto, no tengo una receta para hacerlo. Creo que ahora soy un experto ya que la familia me sige pidiendo que lo prepare, asi que aqui van mis “notas” en como hacer “Pure de Accion de Gracias estilo Javi”.
Ingredients: Potatoes, butter, milk, salt, and garlic (optional). Los ingredientes son: Papas, mantequilla, leche, salt, y ajo (opcional).     
This time I used a 5 lb. bag of potatoes that I peeled and cut in halves or thirds and boiled in a big pot. Esta vez use una bolsa de papas de 5 libras. Las pele y corte en mitades o tercios y las hervi en una olla grande.
Once they were done (poke them with a fork to make sure they are soft), I drained the water and mashed them up. Una vez cocidas (las pinche con un tenedor para asegurarme que estaban suaves), y les saque el agua para empezar a molerlas.
I added half stick of butter, some salt, and mixed it up. Agregue mitad de un stick de mantequilla.                                 
Then I added milk (I think it was 1%) little by little while mixing it with the potatoes. The milk will make the mashed potatoes creamy…or runny if you add too much. I just kept an eye on it and kept adding milk until the consistency is good for me. I also added a little more salt to taste. Luego agregue leche (creo que descremada) de poquito mientras la mezclaba con las papas. La leche hace el pure mas cremoso…o jugoso si le agregan demasiada leche. Yo le pongo atención y voy agregando leche de a poquito hasta que la consistencia es adecuada para mi. Tambien agrego mas sal si es necesario.
If you like you can add some crushed garlic for a little extra flavor – Leslie and I are addicted to everything garlic and it’s basically the magic ingredient for everything we make now. Then enjoy! Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving! Si quieren pueden agregar ajo molido para un toque de sabor – Leslie y yo somos adictos a todo lo que usa ajo y es basicamente el ingrediente magico para todo lo que cocinamos. Y a disfrutar! Esperamos que hayan tenido un muy feliz dia de accion de gracias!

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  1. I DO LOVE mashed potatoes!!! and YES garlic!
    sometimes I added rosemary too but the best is garlic! awww your picture here made me super hungry !! now I wanna have some! 🙂

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