Corn bread adventure

Cornbread was something completely unknown to me before moving to the States. It never sounded very tasty or appetizing (much like meatloaf). Bread made with corn?…it just did not click for me until I tried it. With thanksgiving coming up I decided to go for a new adventure and try to make some cornbread. I am not the kind of guy who will try to bake something from scratch, so this time I went for the safe route…a cornbread mix! Cornbread o pan de maíz, era algo completamente desconocido para mi antes de venirme a los Estados Unidos. La verdad es que nunca me sonó muy apetitoso. Pan hecho con choclo?…no me daba la impresión de un buen sabor, hasta que lo probé! con día de acción de gracias a la vuelta de la esquina, decidí lanzarme a una nueva aventura e intente hacer cornbread. No soy del tipo que intenta hacer algo desde lo mas básico, así que esta vez me fui a la segura y lo hice de la manera fácil…usando una mezcla ya preparada!

Trader Joes is our favorite grocery store (we have probably mentioned that before) and during this season of feasts and comfort food they have a delicious corn bread mix available. The mix makes making cornbread super easy, and the taste is just amazing. It takes 3 steps! We figured since it’s so easy and the box has instructions, there’s no need to explain it on here – just trust us that it takes all of 40 minutes (including the baking) and then you have a delicious pan of cornbread ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Your house will smell good, the bread will taste amazing, and it took no more than 5 minutes to mix it (you can do something else while waiting for it to bake 😉 ) Even dogs love it!! Good luck with your recipes, and happy thanksgiving to everyone! Trader Joes es nuestro supermercado favorito (lo mas seguro es que ya hemos mencionado eso) y durante la temporada de banquetes y comida casera tienen una mezcla de cornbread deliciosa a la venta. Esta mezcla hace la tarea de hacer cornbread muy muy fácil, y sabe espectacular. Solo toma 3 pasos! Y como es tan fácil y la caja tiene las instrucciones, no hay necesidad para explicar el paso a paso detallado – solo confíen en nosotros que demora máximo 40 minutos (incluyendo el tiempo en el horno) y al final tienen una bandeja de de delicioso cornead listo para la cena. La casa olerá fantástico, y no se demora mas de 5 minutos en mezclar todo (y se puede hacer otra cosa mientras esta en el horno) Incluso a los perros les gusta!! Buena suerte con sus recetas, y feliz día de acción de gracias a todos!

9 responses to “Corn bread adventure”

    • No, we are in charge of eating the turkey, not cooking it this year hahaha. The cornbread is being eaten as we walk by the kitchen.

      Happy thanksgiving to you too!

      What are you cooking for thanksgiving? I bet something really really yummy!

      • Sweet potato souffle and maybe a kale gratin or roasted brussel sprouts with bacon! We are taking sides over to our good friends house who is cooking the turkey. I am making turkey stock today to give to the cooking club members.

      • Awesome, that sounds fantastic! We don’t know exactly what our family will come up with, but one thing is for sure…it will be delicious!

  1. Jiffy=best cornbread mix ever. Try it next time to compare. I usually bake in a cake pan, but muffin, pancakes, and waffle style are super yum!

    • oh man I didn’t even think of muffins – we’ll have to do that next time!! The loaf form was really crumbly. Javi bought three more boxes of the Trader kind…so it’ll be awhile before we try Jiffy but when we do I’ll tell you what we thought of the comparison! haha

  2. I’ve discovered corn bread last summer at a friend’s dinner, and just like you I wasn’t very excited about it (it sounds like a plain meal served in jail) until I’ve tasted it. So delicious, and it’s even better with real maple syrup on top of it! Mmm! By the way I really like the doggys pic with the tongue out! Haha!

    • Maple syrup, or jam, or preserves….hmmm. So hungry now! I like your description of “meal served in jail”! hahaha nicely explained. Those doggies really wanted to take a bite of that bread, that’s fo sure! Thanks for stopping by!

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