Easy guacamole recipe that will impress your guests!

When it comes to certain foods, I am very particular about the way they are prepared. One of these foods is the avocado. I love avocados, I could eat them every day (which I do) and if I were ever in a situation where I had to pick one thing to eat for the rest of my life avocado would be the top choice (along with steak…hahaha). It complements so many other foods, it’s fresh, tasty, not heavy, nutritious, it has a very unique texture…it’s awesome. I have a very simple way of preparing avocados. Honestly, I never order guacamole in restaurants because I know it won’t taste as good as the way we prepare it at home. When it comes to avocados, less is more. No tomatoes, no cilantro, no lime juice, no “fancy” combinations, no trying to make it complicated…that’s all nonsense to me. This is all my own opinion of course and I’m sharing the recipe here, so if you try it let me know what you think about how it stacks up to the restaurant version. Cuando se trate de alguna comidas, soy muy particular sobre la forma que son preparadas. Una de esas comidas es palta. Me encanta la palta, puedo comerla todos los dias y si alguna vez estuviera en un situacion donde tengo que elejir una cosa para comer por el resto de mi vida, palta seria una de mis opciones (junto con carne…haha). Queda tan bien con otras comidas, es fresca, sabrosa, liviana, nutriciosa, y tiene una textura unica…es genial. Yo tengo una manera muy simple para prepararla. Para ser honesto, nunca pido palta (o guacamole) en restaurantes porque se que no tendra el mismo sabor de la que preparo en casa. Cuando se trata de palta, menos es mas. Nada de tomate, cilantro, lima, combinaciones raras, nada de hacerla complicada….no tiene sentido para mi. Esa es mi opinion, claro, y voy a compartir mi receta, asi que si la prueban , me tienen que decir que opinan en comparacion a la palta en los restuarantes.

I grew up around avocados back in Chile. My family always dreamed of having a field of avocado trees! That would have been incredible…can you imagine an unlimited supply?? Creci rodeado de palta en Chile. Mi familia siempre sono con tener un campo lleno de paltos! Hubiese sido increible…se pueden imaginar un stock ilimitado de palta????
Preparing avocado is easy. It doesn’t have to be messy if you use the right utensils and always remember that the key to making good avocados is to use RIPE avocados. Here are a couple of tips to enjoy this delicious food:1. If the avocados you find in the store aren’t ripe, wrap them up in newspaper or brown paper when you get home. This will make them ripen faster!

2. If you just want to eat half and save the rest for later, keep the seed inside the half you aren’t eating instead of throwing it away. This will make it go brown at a slower pace.

3. Here is a quick video on how to open the avocado and get rid of the seed without making a huge mess!

Preparar palta es facil. No tiene que ser desordenado si usan las herramientas correctas y siempre usen paltas maduras, esa es la CLAVE. Aqui van un par de consejos para disfrutar esta deliciosa fruta:1. Si las paltas que encuntras en la tienda no estan maduras, envuelvelas en papel de diario cuando llegues a casa. Esto ayudara a que maduren mas rapido!

2. Si vas a usar la mitad o guardar un poco para despues, deja el cuesco con la palta en vez de botarlo. Esto hara que se demore un poco mas en ponerse negra.

3. Aqui va un video de como sacar el cuesco sin ensuciar todo en la cocina!

Los Rodriguez Life avocado recipeIngredients: Ripe avocados, salt, garlic salt, and olive oil. That’s it!

Scrape the avocado out into a bowl. Add a bit of salt, a bit of garlic salt and a bit of olive oil. Mash it with a fork! and done! (add more salt or garlic or olive oil if you think it needs it. Up to you!)Let us know what you think!

La receta de Los Rodriguez LifeIngredientes: Palta madura, sal, ajo, y aceite de oliva. Eso es todo!

Raspe la palta de la cascara y ponla en un bowl. Agrega un poco de sal, un poco de ajo (molido o seco) y un poco de aceite de oliva. Muelela con un tenedor! y listo! (agrega sal o ajo o aceite si peinsas que necesita mas, a tu gusto!)Cuentanos que te parece!

7 responses to “Easy guacamole recipe that will impress your guests!”

  1. I’m gonna have to give this a try. My wife and I spend $10 at a place here in Texas called Pappasito’s for their “table-side guacamole”. While I think it’s pretty tasty there, I can never really justify spending that much money on something that is so simple.

    • oh my gosh that is alot of money! I’m glad you gave it a try – hope it measured up alright! We love it – it’s so fast and simple – nothing else to take away from the flavor of the avocado, just ingredients that enhance it. It’s the best! (in my humble opinion of course…)

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