A little update

It's fall!!!

It’s starting to feel like our posts are fewer and farther between, and I’m sure most of that feeling is a function of mid-semester blues. And while Javier is not in the middle of the semester, he’s bearing the brunt of my slacking off around the house, doing all kinds of incredible work like tearing up the jungle that was growing on the side of the house where the spider friend lived (don’t worry he didn’t kill it, she and her egg sac were just relocated elsewhere…far far away) and now building us a new walkway in the front. Meanwhile I’m studying for midterms, so things are a little more tame and focused around here than usual. Actually, it’s 7:00 (AM) right now and he’s outside tamping down the gravel that will go under the stones in our new walkway. I’m sure the neighbors love us…but it’s pretty awesome.

Pareciera que nuestros posts son menos y mas separados cada vez, y estoy segura que gran parte de este “parecer” de debe al que estamos a mitad de semestre. Y mientras Javi no esta a mitad de semestre, el tiene que soportar el peso de mantener la casa ya que yo no he podido ayudar mucho, ha hecho un trabajo increible sacando una jungla que teniamos en un lado de la casa donde nuestra arana amiga vivia (no se preocupen, no la mato, ella y sus huevos fueron mudados a un nuevo reino muy muy lejos!) y ahora esta contruyendo una mejor entrada en el frente. Son las 7 de la manana y el esta afuera compactando rocas que iran bajo el ladrillo en nuestra entrada. Estoy segura que nuestros vecinos nos quieres mucho…..pero no improta, esta genial!

This weekend was one of my most productive ever, due in no small part to my experiment with the Pomodoro technique. My best friend Corinne came to visit with her boyfriend Cullen back in May and after hearing my time management woes she suggested that I try it out, so I started to work with a timer this weekend. Basically the idea is to focus on one task and one task only for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break. Each 30 minute stint is called a pomodoro, and after every 4 pomodoros you get to take a 30 minute break. It worked serious wonders for me this weekend. I shot a wedding on Saturday so I was a little worried last week about how much time I’d be able to dedicate this weekend to studying for my demography midterm. Between Thursday and Friday I finished 30 pomodoros (that’s 15 hours) dedicated to studying and finishing up different academia-oriented tasks, which looking back is really pretty sweet given that in that time I also shot a rehearsal dinner and had to deal with Chupete possibly having mange (don’t worry, it was a false alarm). Saturday was the wedding day so I didn’t need to set any pomodoros to make sure I focused on documenting the entire day (so fun! and a nice creative break from academics, if only for a day). Yesterday 1/2 of my demography class came over for a study session, so all in all it wound up being a productive weekend for me.

Este fin de semana fue uno de los mas productivos que he tenido, en parte por mi experimento con la tecnica Pomodoro. My mejor amiga, Corinne me vino a visitar con su pololo Cullen en Mayo y luego de escuchar sobre mi manera de usar el tiempo, ella me sugirio que probara esta tecnica, asi que empeze este fin de semana. Basicamente la idea es concentrarse en una tarea solo por 25 minutos, y luego tomar un descanso de 5 minutos. Cada 30 minutos es 1 pomodoro, y luego de completar 4 pomodoros tienes un descanso de 30 minutos. Funciono de manera increbile para mi! Saque fotos de un matrimonio el Sabado, asi que estaba un poco preocupada la semana pasada sobre la cantidad de tiempo que tendria para dedicarme a estudiar demografia (tengo un examen!) Entre el Jueves y Viernes hice 30 pomodores (15 horas) dedicadas a estudiar y terminar mis tareas. Ahora que miro para atras fue genial porque en ese tiempo tambien saque fotos de una cena, y tuve que llevar a Chupete al doctor por posible tina (solo una falsa alarma). Sabado fue la boda asi que no necesite usar pomodoros para concentrarme (es muy entretenido y un buen descanso creativo..). ayer mitad de mi clase de demografia vino a estudiar a la casa, asi que despues de todo fue un fin de semana muy productivo.

taking a break at the rehearsal dinner

Javier also had a productive weekend, mostly oriented around digging up all of the stones that sank into the earth around our property over the past 50 years. The old lady who lived here before us (she lived here for 52 years, if I remember correctly) was an avid gardner, but over the years the stones that formed the perimeter of each little patch of flowers on the property sank into the grass and all but disappeared. Javi probably dug up about 100 bricks and other stones since we moved in and now he’s using all of them to form a new walkway. It’s going to be awesome! But he’ll post on that some other time when it’s finished or close to it.

Javier tambien tuvo un fin de semana productivo, orientado a desenterrar todas las piedras en nuestro terreno que han sido cubiertas por la tierra durante los ultimos 50 anos! La senora que vivio aqui antes que nosotros (vivio 52 anos en esta casa) era aficionada a la jardineria, pero al pasar los anos, las piedras que usaba para crear los perimetros de sus plantas se hundieron y el pasto se las “comio”. Javi saco mas o menos 100 ladrillos y otras piedras desde que nos mudamos y ahora las piensa usar en nuestra entrada. Va a quedar genial. Pero vamos a postear sobre eso cuando este mas cerca de terminar!

Just a few of the stones Javi found

So that’s basically it for now! I’ve got a good friend from Brazil coming to visit me next week and then Javi and I leave for Denver for my cousin’s wedding (yay!) so we’ve got plenty to look forward to. For now, it’s time to focus on midterms…and my alarm is ringing, so my time here is officially up (for now).

Asi que eso es por ahora! Una amiga de Brazil me viene a visitar la proxima semana y luego Javi y yo nos vamos a Denver para el matrimnio de mi prima. Asi que tenemos muchas cosas…Por ahora, es tiempo de enfocarse en mis pruebas…y mi alarma sono asi que de vuelta a un nuevo Pomodoro!

tough life…

(also, here’s a little preview of the wedding I shot this weekend – see more here – and I’ll post more on the photography blog in the relatively near future)

(aqui va un vistazo al matrimonio de este fin de semana – mas fotos aqui – y voy a poner mas en el blog de fotografia pronto)

2 responses to “A little update”

  1. Leslie! I love the Pomodoro technique! I’m glad Corinne knows about it too, I’m not sure I would have made it through law school without it! Good luck with midterms! I’m sure you’ll do great 🙂

  2. It’s been so great for me the last few days! I’m sorry I didn’t know about it last year when I had two semesters of statistics. Thanks! Hope all is well with you!!

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