• Rocking the display

    On my day off work, I had planned on working on the yard. I wanted to clean the paths between garden beds, weed the flower beds, mow the overgrown weeds, etc…but it was raining, so any fun activity had to be an indoor activity. En mi dia libre, tenia planeado trabajar en el patio. Quería limpiar el […]

  • Our berry good garden

    Our plants continue to arrive. I’ve got to admit that sometimes it is a little weird to think that my plants are coming in the mail…but it works. I actually like that I can do research online, look for what I want, and see them arrive at my door when the right time for planting […]

  • We are growing fruit too!!

    Most times we are outside, we look at our fence and think….there must be something we can do about this fence. We thought about painting it, but that would take A LOT of paint and money (and effort…). We also thought about growing a vine that could cover the fence over time, and we really […]

  • Snakes or mice?…what do you think we prefer?

    The backyard of Los Rodriguez mansion has many inhabitants. We know that Chupi and Chori always fight for the throne, but there are also many other creatures just trying to make a living out there. El patio de la Mansion Rodriguez tiene mucho habitantes. Sabemos que Chupi y Chori siempre pelean por el trono, pero […]

  • Signs of spring!

    It may have snowed over the weekend (and last night apparently in some parts of middle TN) but we’ve been seeing signs of spring all around our house and neighborhood and it makes us so excited. The first to come up are the daffodils lining the boundaries of all the yards in South Inglewood. Unfortunately […]

  • Planting trees

    When we moved into our mansion back in 2011 one of the first things we did was to remove a couple of huge, dying hackberry trees around the house. It was a matter of safety since these trees were rotting inside and leaning towards our home. At the time, we squared the situation with ourselves […]

  • No more cleanup!

    We finished the landscaping cleanup!! I cannot believe how good it looks. We could leave it like this forever with nice clean patches of dark soil and never plant anything and it would be an enormous improvement to what it was. We had a jungle growing off the front and sides of our house, and […]

  • They are alive!!

    It has been about 3 weeks since we sowed the first seeds in our raised beds that we covered with the cold frames. As we mentioned in a previous post, this round of sowing was an experiment since it was way too early to sow anything without the frames. We were hoping for the best […]

  • SEEDS!!!!!!

    All this gardening preparation has been done in order to host our garden “super stars”….the SEEDS!! We are starting almost everything from seed this year which is a big challenge for us, and thus the hard work preparing everything to the best of our abilities. Toda esta preparación que hemos hecho ha sido para acomodar […]

  • DIY Cold frames

    The weather in Tennessee has been a little weird. We have had several very warm days during the winter, and then a drop to freezing temperatures for a couple of days. The plants are confused. Bulbs are popping out happily thinking spring is here, but then a couple of below freezing nights hurt their leaves. […]

  • Soil is the key to happy plants!

    The new beds are up and ready and the old beds are “refreshed” and ready too! Setting up everything required some work but we believe it will pay off in the long run with TONS of veggies.  The 2 old beds had left over dirt from last year and the new ones were completely empty […]

  • Fencing the garden

    I don’t know about you but somewhere along the way we failed to teach our dogs to garden. I am sure they would be great at digging holes for planting, but I doubt they would dig exactly where I need them to. So in order to avoid any problems with the raised beds in the […]

  • Prepping the new garden beds

    Our vegetable garden is expanding this year. Last year I built 3 beds but only wound up using 2. This year we are using all 3 from last year and adding 1 ½ more. The big beds are 4 x 8 feet and the half is 4 x 4, and all of them are about […]

  • Cleaning the garden beds

      Once we had the edging installed we knew exactly what the garden’s boundaries were and proceeded to the next step: cleaning out the weeds and bermuda grass. These beds needed a DEEP cleaning – there were loads of unwanted plants growing there and of course with the plants came roots. Also, because we neglected the […]

  • Installing edging

    We have a ton of hard work to accomplish in our landscape plan to prepare for the arrival of the plants. We ordered most of our plants online and they will ship when our zone (TN) is ready for planting. Since we moved into the house, weeds and Bermuda grass have taken over the old […]

  • Planting Pansies

    On the same day that Javier and I planted the new little rose garden on the side of the house we also filled up the newly-empty half whiskey barrels with fresh potting soil and planted some suffering pansies. We came across the abandoned plants at Lowes while we were shopping for edging and other materials […]

  • Our new rose garden

    Before we continue with tales of our Chicago trip, we’re going to continue with our garden saga. After moving three big bushes from the front of the house to the side, we started working on sections of the landscape that were ready for planting. Ever since we got the house (and especially after visiting my […]

  • Farewell 2012!

    We’re only a few days into the new year and we already have a ton of updates, including a trip to Chicago, to post on here but first we need to bid an overdue and very fond farewell to 2012! Javi and I had a pretty spectacular 2012, so we figured we should give the year its […]

  • The best yard in the street

    When we moved into our house, we quickly learned from the neighbors that the previous owner had the most beautiful yard in the street (key word HAD). We had never taken care of a yard before, so the idea of keeping up with it was a little daunting. We had other priorities in mind: fence, […]

  • Playing Dictionary

    Whenever we have a big family reunion we try to play games that include as many people as possible. One of our favorite games, and one where anyone can play since there is no limit for the number of players, is dictionary. Cada vez que tenemos una reunión familiar, intentamos jugar a algo que incluya a la […]