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Chupete and Choripan

Chupete and Choripan are our two doggos – and we love them to pieces. Since this blog is about our lives and the dogs are an integral part of our day-to-day, if you read this blog you’re going to be well acquainted with our two pupsters.

These two LOVE to bark at and chew on each other, but it’s almost always in good fun as long as there are no raw hide bones involved.  They egg each other on and chase each other around, which is awesome because when they are inside they’re totally worn out and basically just lounge on the couch. 

We got Chupete last year right after Christmas – lucky for us, he was a Christmas return! Choripan came a few months later when we moved into our new house in East Nashville – with a gigantic backyard. Chupete is the super-smart, concerned older brother, always sporting a furrowed brow and howling at everything that passes our driveway. His name means lollypop, but we named him after Javier’s favorite soccer player from Chile: Humberto “Chupete” Suazo. He’s a beagle / lab / heeler mix.

Choripan is the devil-may-care youngster who just wants some lovin’. His name, in Chile, means deliciousness in the form of chorizo con pan, or a little hotdog. He’s a basset / beagle (bagle) mix.

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