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April showers, flowers, and a stop in Louisville

At this moment, I can’t think of anything better in the world than sitting on my front porch with Javi next to me, the doggos at my feet, a beer on the table, tulips in bloom in front of me and the rain pouring down on a spring evening. I’m home! I’ll be home for 11 whole days! Humming House has been on the road over the last couple of weeks, with a one-day break in between at home. We were up in DC and then in Louisville for a house show at Danielle’s childhood home (she lives in Cincinnati with Chris now) and we were so close to Nashville that we were able to come home for two nights and one full day before heading back out toward Texas again. En este momento no puedo pensar en  nada mejor en el mundo que esta sentada en el porch con Javi a mi lado, los perros a mis pies, una cerveza en la mesa, los tulipanes florecidos y una lluvia de primavera. Estoy es casa! Y estare aqui po 11 dias completos! Humming House ha estado de gira las ultimas semanas, con un dia de decanso en casa entremedio. Fuimos a D.C. y luego a Louisville donde hicimos un show en la casa de la infancia de Dani (ahora vive con Chris en Cincinatti) y como estabamos cerca pudimos pasar 2 noches y 1 dia en Nashville antes de salir rumbo a Texas nuevamente.
It was a blast getting to finally play in Louisville, especially Dani, Chris, Gurt, Winkler, David and Sarah all there (and Leighton of course!). A ton of folks from CHPC came out and old Louisville friends, so it was a nice homecoming for me and a fun chance to showcase Humming House in an intimate setting. Danielle’s dad went above and beyond the role of host by making 40 pizza dough balls for each of the guests and firing up the pizza oven outside so we could all make our own personal pizzas! The toppings were all laid out and each of us at the show made a pizza (or two or three) and drank some of Ken’s (Danielle’s dad) home brew. He made four kegs-worth of delicious brews, and I’m pretty sure we all but drained them before we left. What a fun party! Javier and mom drove up for the show and I rode home with them afterward. Fue genial poder tocar por fin en Louisville, especialmente con  Dani, Chris, Gretchen, Winkler, David y Sarah en la audiencia (y Leighton claro!) Un monton de amigos de CHPC vinieron y tambien viejos amigos, asi que fue como volver a casa para mi y una buena oportunidad de presentar a Humming House en un lugar intimo. El papa de Dani se paso como anfitrion, hizo 40 masas de pizza personal para los invitados y prendio su horno de pizza exterior donde cada uno podia preparar su pizza! Los ingredientes estaban todo en una mesa, y cada persona en el show preparo su pizza (o dos o tres) y bebieron la ceveza  especial (hecha por el tambien). Preparo 4 tipos de cerveza, y creo que terminamos todo. Que fiesta mas entretenida! Javier y mi mama vienieron al show y volvi con ellos a Nashville.
DSC_5132 DSC_5139 DSC_5149 DSC_5166 (1) DSC_5183 DSC_5227 DSC_5235 DSC_5261 DSC_5264 DSC_5266
In that one day at home I managed to get sick (or whatever I had been fighting the week prior finally caught up to me), so I mostly laid around all day doing laundry. One highlight was that I finally got a chance to see the beautiful tulips that Javier had been describing to me while I was on the road. Last fall he planted over 150 tulips in the front bed, and they were popping up and beginning to bloom while I was away. It was a cloudy day so they weren’t open, but I managed to snag a few photos. They are truly breathtaking, and when you look at our house from the street it looks like a carpet of bright colors in front of our house! I love it! En ese dia en casa me las arregle para enfermarme, asi que lo pase en cama y lavando ropa el proximo viaje. Algo que me puso feliz fue pder ver los tulipanes que Javier describia mientras yo estaba de viaje. El otono pasado Javier planto mas de 150 tulipanes en el jardin del frente, y comenzaron a crecer y florecer mientra estaba de viaje. El dia estaba nublado asi que no abrieron, pero igual saque fotos. Son realmente hermosos, y cuando miras nuestra casa desde la calle se ve una carpeta de colores! Me encanta!








Over the last week we were back in Texas for Old Settlers Festival and a few other gigs in between, and we played in Arkansas as a final gig on this run before heading home. We arrived back in Nashville early, and it’s been a nice therapeutic day of decompressing, which mostly means doing lots of laundry and ceremoniously unpacking each item from my suitcase and putting them exactly where they belong at home. I’ll be here for 11 whole days, and it’s time for some spring cleaning! Winter doldrums, begone! There’s much and more to be said about the state of our garden as it stands now, so I’ll post again soon with photos of the whole shebang. La semana pasada estuvimos en Texas para el fetival Old Settlers y un par de shows entremedio, y tocamos en Arkansas nuestro ultimo show antes de volver a casa. Llegamos a Nashville temprano, y ha sido un dia de terapia de relajo, lo que significa lavar ropa, desempacar y descansar. Estare aqui por 11 dias completos y es hora de una limpieza profunda! El invierno se termino! Hay mucho mas que contarles sobre el jardin, asi que pronto postearemos fotos con todo lo que ha crecido.

a couple photos of Shovels and Rope, who played after us at Old Settlers! I’ve been dying to see them live and we played just before them. Perfect timing!

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