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Stuffed Peppers!

My parents and gma came over on Sunday night for dinner and my mom made my dad’s favorite – stuffed red peppers!!! I was a stupidly picky eater from my childhood all the way up to my second year in college so I missed out on some of the best foods on earth, including stuffed peppers. My mom probably never even thought to make something like this when I was growing up because I’d just spread it around my plate so it looked like I ate something but really hadn’t eaten a thing. Then I lived in Santiago de Compostela with a host family for 6 months my sophomore year in college and I basically had to eat everything that my host mother made, which (shocking!) was actually really delicious. So it took until I lived abroad, but I finally grew out of my unfounded grudge against vegetables (study abroad DOES work!).

Mis papas y abuela vinieron el Domingo a cenar y mi mama preparo el plato fovrito de mi papa – pimientos rojos rellenos!! Cuando era nina yo era estupidamente manoza para comer incluso hasta mi segundo ano de universidad, asi que me perdi algunas de las mejores comidas en el mundo, incluyendo los pimientos rellenos. Mi mama probablemente nunca penso en preparar algo asi durante mi ninez porque lo iba a esparcir en el plato para que pareciera que comi algo cuando la verdad no puse una cucharada en mi boca.  Pero luego vivi en Santiago de Compostela con una familia espanola por 6 meses, durante mi segundo ano de universidad, y basicamente tenia que comer lo que mi “mama” me preparaba , lo cual (sorprendentemente!) era realmente delicioso! Asi que me tomo hasta que vivi en el extranjero para por fin empezar a disfrutar de los vegetales y otros sabores (estudiar afuera SI sirve!)

My dad grew up on a farm where the vegetables, including bell peppers, were fresh and homegrown. His mom made stuffed peppers for him all the time, so after a couple weeks of pestering my mother to make them, my dad finally got to indulge in his childhood favorite. My parents brought the dinner to us, which is especially nice for us because 1) we don’t have to go anywhere 2) we don’t have to go anywhere with the dogs 3) we finally get to use our wedding gifts we got 2 years ago that are for entertaining guests! So we got to bust out our fall-themed place mats and napkins and they looked just as good as I always hoped they would. Now if I can just find an occasion to break out our acorn bowls…

Mi papa crecio en una granja donde los vegetales, incluyendo los pimientos, eran frescos y de la huerta de la casa. Su mama los preparaba para el todo el tiempo. asi que luego de un par de semanas molestando a mi mama para que los preparara, mi papa por fin pudo disfrutar de su plato favorito. Mis papas trajeron la cena an uestra casa, lo que es especialmente bueno de su parte porque 1) no tenemos que ir a niun lado 2) no tenemos que acarrear a los perros 3) por fin podemos usar los utensilios que nos regalaron en nuestro matrimonio para atender a nuestros invitados! As ique sacamos las cosas con tema de otono, individuales, platos, servilletas y se veian tan bien como esperabamos. Ahora tenemos que encontrar la ocasion para usar nuestros bowls con forma de bellota…

Anyway, the food was un-freakin-believable. My mom is an amazing chef! I can’t wait to see what she cooks up for our next family meal!

Pero bueno, la comida estaba IN-CRE-I-BLE. Mi mama es una excelente chef! No puedo esperar para la proxima vez que prepare una cena familiar!

20111002-213814.jpg 20111002-213822.jpg 20111002-213830.jpg

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