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A Choripan loose in the park!! – Un Choripan suelto en el parque!!!

We have been waiting for a long time to take Choripan to the dog park and see him making friends! So finally the day came, he has all his vaccines, we had some extra time during the week, and the weather was very pleasant after the rain. We knew he would have a lot of run running around and also figured that Chupete would love to reunite with his old friends at Centennial Park.

Hemos estado esperando hace harto tiempo el momento para llevar a Choripan al parque para perros y verlo hacienda amigos! Por fin llego el dia, ahora con todas sus vacunas, nosotros con un poco de tiempo extra, y el tiempo que mejoro despues de la lluvia. Sabiamos que lo iba a pasar super bien corriendo y olfateando todo y tambien que Chupete estaria feliz de reencontrarse con sus viejos amigos de Centennial Park

There weren’t many dogs at the park that day, which always makes it more enjoyable but the ones there were really cool and they all played well together. Choripan made good friends with a sweet pitbull puppy and Chupete reunited with his “girlfriend” Reina! Here are some pictures of this little adventure!

No habian mucho perro, lo que siempre lo hace mas facil de disfrutar, y los que habian eran geniales y todos jugaron muy bien juntos. Choripan se hizo muy amigo de un cachorro Pitbull y Chupete se volvio a encontrar con su “polola” Reina. Aqui van unas cuantas fotos de la pequena aventura!

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