Weekend at home


We’ve been busy around here! Two weekends ago was everything a weekend-at-home should be. On Friday Javi and I spent the evening eating pizza and playing scrabble with grandma at home. Javi won that round. On Saturday we started off with Sunday Morning Pancake Mix chocolate chip pancakes (as every Saturday should start). Javi studied, I lounged, […]

Gia turns 1!


Back to my tales of visiting Ian, Andrea and Gia! It can be summed up easily enough by simply saying that Gia is growing up fast and is more adorable than ever, especially now that her personality is really shining through. She says “wow” all the time, loves to clap, initiates peek-a-boo, loves the song “itsy bitsy […]

Pre-order the new live Humming House album!

Humming House Party! - Cover Art

I know, I know – I promised photos of Gia and this post has nothing to do with photography or my sweet niece. But it’s coming! This post is time-sensitive, so I’m going to get down to it. Humming House is releasing a brand new LIVE album on August 26, and you can pre-order the […]


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