2015 begins (a late recap)


Some months are better than others for blogging. We had an entire week snowed in and even with all that time at home on my hands I still didn’t write anything out. I would just start with the immediate goings-on in our lives but I have so many beautiful photos worth sharing from the past […]

Humming House – new video!

Revelries Pre-Lease iTunes Square

Time for another HH update – we just released a brand new video and the pre-order for our new album “Revelries” is live!! The video is for our song “Great Divide” and – in a totally planned turn of events – that is also the immediate download that you will receive when you pre-order the […]

Maca & Alex – MARRIED!


All of the posts from Chile have been leading up to this: Maca and Alex’s wedding day! In the last post we explained that we woke up early on their wedding day to make those centerpieces, and we didn’t go back to bed until almost 24 hours later. Chileans don’t just throw a reception for a […]

Adventures in floral arrangments


I’ve been itching to write this post because, deep down, I’m pretty proud of and excited about my newfound flower-arranging “skills.” Javi had been looking forward to going to the Santiago flower market, which is the hub where all growers bring their flowers to sell either in bulk or by the bouquet. There are three […]

Humming House in the Huffington Post!


We are making a brief pause in the Chile recap to bring you this announcement: Humming House was in the Huffington Post today! Check out this article by Michael Bialas, who interviewed me and Justin back in September at the Americana Music Festival. It’s a list of 14 Peak Performers in 2014, and HH is in […]


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