April showers, flowers, and a stop in Louisville


At this moment, I can’t think of anything better in the world than sitting on my front porch with Javi next to me, the doggos at my feet, a beer on the table, tulips in bloom in front of me and the rain pouring down on a spring evening. I’m home! I’ll be home for […]

Catching up to April


I feel like way too much has happened to write a proper update, so I’ll post some highlights from the last month so we can catch up in one post and then *hopefully* stay up-to-date from here on out! Here goes…over the last month:We made 12 rolls of sushi at my parents’ house so they […]

Signs of Spring in Nashville!

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It’s spring! It’s gardening time! Javi has been working on a hydroponic garden – more on that later – and we both spent some time recently sprucing up the vegetable garden and getting it ready for spring. This included emptying out the pots and filling them with fresh soil, adding manure to the raised beds […]

Also…what happened to February?


Well, there goes another month in 2014. At the beginning of this month I went down to Florida with Humming House to embark on the Cayamo Cruise in Miami – my first cruise ever. I’m not sure I ever would have gone on a cruise had it not been for Sixthman, the company that runs […]

Making Sushi


Out of the blue one afternoon on gchat Javier tells me that he wants to try to make sushi. I’m telling you, 100% of the projects we feature on here start with Javier getting a whim to do something, looking up videos on youtube on how to do it, and then going through with it. […]

What happened to January?


January is over. I’ll let that sink in for a second…I can’t believe we’re already 1 month down 11 to go in 2014. I thought 2013 flew by, and I wasn’t having half as much fun last year as I hope to have this year (and last year was pretty damn fun). You know what […]

Forced bulbs update

hyacinth bulb losrodriguezlife.com

In November we decided to try forcing bulbs to grow in the middle of winter inside our house (see here). This was an experiment for us – we hadn’t done it before and we didn’t know what to expect. We decided to plant hyacinths and daffodils – not the easiest to grow for this kind […]


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