Knitting Yoda


This fall I was inspired by a pair of adorable knitted mice and their maker Robin Nikkel to pick up my abandoned knitting needles and try to make something besides scarves using the most basic stitches. I haven’t ventured far into the world of cable knitting yet, but I did make a few little animals […]

A few things


Quite a bit has happened since the last time we posted, so here’s a VERY abbreviated summary of Aug-Dec: JACKSON WAS BORN! – Our little nephew Jackson John was born August 8, 2015 and he’s AMAZING. He’s SUCH a good baby and absolutely the most darling little boy I’ve ever beheld. We were there the day […]

Has anyone seen a Rodriguezia venusta around?


  In the past year or year and a half, I have become very interested in growing orchids. We rescued several plants from the clearance section at Lowes, bought several more in bloom at Trader Joes, and received a few from Leslie’s mom as gifts. Now close to thirty orchids dominate almost all of the window […]

Day Off in CO

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Today is a good day. I woke up this morning and, miraculously, I could smell a pot of fresh coffee already made. I assumed I would be the first one in this group to wake up this morning, but Josh beat me to it. He fixed a pot of coffee earlier but had since gone […]

2015 begins (a late recap)


Some months are better than others for blogging. We had an entire week snowed in and even with all that time at home on my hands I still didn’t write anything out. I would just start with the immediate goings-on in our lives but I have so many beautiful photos worth sharing from the past […]


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